News: Jadakiss Places Deadline On Delayed LOX Reunion LP, "You'll Hear About The New Deal" [Video]

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 12:12AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The LOX's Jadakiss is giving loyal fans reasons to get excited by promising to deliver a long-delayed reunion album alongside Styles P. and Sheek Louch within two years.

Although aiming for this year, Jada said fans could expect to hear the album no later than 2013.

"The LOX-out will be over in 2012, 2013 the latest," Jada revealed in an interview. "We just closed, signing a new deal, closing it. Weeks away. Yeah, literally. All the other LOX talk was malarky. This is real, this is real though, this is real. You're hearing it from me. We just close in to signing a deal. [How close?] This close. In the next couple of days, maybe after All-Star [Weekend] when you hear who got traded, then you'll hear about the new LOX deal." (The Check-In)

Last summer, Styles P killed album delay comparison to Dr. Dre's sidelined Detox LP.

"Paperwork, paperwork, it ain't on us. All I'm gonna say is, LOX-wise, you hear how many verses we do, freestyles we do, songs we do, LOX songs we drop here and there," Styles P said when asked about the delayed third group album. "Nah, we ain't longer than Detox. We close! We right behind it; we ain't neck and neck, though." (MTV)

In January 2010, LOX's Sheek Louch promised the project would drop last year.

"LOX album, 2011. Real talk. That needs to happen. I know we always say that it's coming and we get sidetracked or some sh*t, but nah. I want to say that 2011, it's a go. We didn't title it. Once we get the clearance, like 'Yo, we off' and we're going to move in this direction and sign with blah, blah, blah, that's when. I really want to reach out to, like, a lot of producers, man. The people have been waiting so long for that LOX project. I definitely want [DJ Premier] and Kanye [West] to do a track. I want some crazy sh*t on this album, man." (Hip Hop Game)

Last October, Sheek said his crew were still under contract with Interscope Records.

"The Lox want to leave our current label home Interscope," explains Sheek of the current status of the group, whose last studio group release was 2000's We Are The Streets. "We are trying to move on, but unfortunately, the label doesn't want to let us go. We talked to [Diddy] about coming back to Bad Boy; we gave him our counter offer and he said, 'Yes.' But it's up to him to convince [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine and Ruff Ryders to let go of their shares so we can move on. We are stuck in that position. As far as [Jadakiss], myself and Styles, we are ready for a new deal. We are good with Diddy...he has agreed with what we are looking for as far as financially and everything. Other labels are also throwing offers at us to make a LOX reunion album happen. But it's really about our lawyers moving everybody out the way and making a deal happen." (VIBE)

Check out Jadakiss' interview below:

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