Guest Star: "I Wish People Were On His Sh*t When He Was Alive As Much As They Are Now That He's Dead"

Friday, Feb 10, 2012 11:52AM

Written by SOHH for SlimKidTre

[In light of the late J Dilla's six year anniversary, The Pharcyde's SlimKidTre reflects back on his early days alongside Jay Dee and why hip-hop fans should embrace artists while they are still breathing.]

When it comes to J Dilla, I wish people were on his sh*t as much as they are now that he's dead. He was incredible then. Sh*t. Pay attention. He was incredible then.

A lot of the greats out there, producers and emcees, are great now. Check them out now. Don't wait until they die to start digging around. Granted, Jay Dee was so incredible with that beat.

I remember being in the studio and we're working on [1990's classic] "Runnin'" and I brought him some Vince Guaraldi music, he's the guy that composed the "Charlie Brown" music, and I brought some of that to him and saw how he was chopping it up and mixing it around. I remember thinking, "Man, this cat is incredible."

Then he was like, "I want you to hear some of my stuff," and I went, "Oh, you got stuff?" I remember saying, "You got a group?" And he said, "Yeah, they're called Slum Village." And I was just like, "Oh, OK." And I remember him giving me a tape with a bunch of songs on it.

I took that back to my crib, and keep in mind I never heard nothing, I just remembered he said he raps. So I get to the crib and Ohhhhhhhh. I'm talking about incredible music. I just couldn't believe the f*cking cadence. The beat was hitting in one place and then the cadence was kind of drummed a little bit but they still rode it. I couldn't believe how incredible it was.

Their cadence hasn't stopped. They continue to have a good swagger. I don't know, it must be a Detroit bounce or something.

SLIMKID3 also known as "Slim Kid Tre" and "Tre Hardson", was one of the four original members of Los Angeles innovative hip hop group The Pharcyde. Since his departure from The Pharcyde, Tre would often go by birth name of "Tre Hardson" rather than "Slimkid3". He has also formed a band 'Faqawi' which has accompanied him with his solo career. Tre's solo work has been greatly influenced by soul and old school hip hop and consists of live instrumentation (replacing the drum machines and sampled beats of his past work). In 2000, Tre Hardson released a very limited edition CD entitled The Legend Of Phoenix, which was a name he shortly performed under. In 2002, Tre released a solo album, Liberation on his record label 'Flying Baboon'. His second full length solo album SLIMKID3's Cafe was released on April 4, 2006. His new Another Day, Another Dollar is currently available.

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