Singled Out: "I Came Up W/ 'Classy Girl' Because It's A Term Girls Use But Don't Really Follow Through W/ It"

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Somaya Reece

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Bad Boy artist Los explained his DMX-assisted "Make You Proud" last week, "Love & Hip Hop" star Somaya Reece breaks down her new "Classy Girl" music video.]

"Classy Girl" was really made to be a visual, fashionable concept versus specifically trying to get it played on the radio.

I wanted to show people the chameleon I am. For the people that know me from my TV and movie roles, I wanted them to see how much I've grown as far as musically, artistically. I wanted people to see the way I put my music together and I also wanted to show people what a chamelon was.

People are so used to seeing me be over-the-top that in the video, I really toned it down. It was just enough. I had a close-up scene with the curly hair and very minimal makeup. You can really see my eye lashes on there.

I don't think people are used to seeing me like this because they're used to 'Love & Hip Hop' and how I look on there. It's a little over-the-top, which I like, I like those things, but I wanted to make this more of a very visual, fashion piece.

So it's very conceptual. It's something that you can watch and appreciate it. I really wanted people to see it as a visual art piece. I came up with the "Classy Girl" title because it's a term that girls use but don't really follow through with it. I thought it was a really cute name and it doesn't have a hook. It kind of has a repeating thing going on but it's not really a hook.

This song is very European rap. It's music that I like. So I really wanted to make it a concept piece. You can tell that there's something different in this video compared to everything else I've done.

Somaya Reece is a rapper, radio personality and actress who has origins from the West Coast. In addition to making music, she has taken her talent to the big screen as seen in the new Go For It! film and to the silver screen as one of the main cast members of VH1 reality series "Love & Hip-Hop." While known as a West Coast artist, Reece moved to the New York City region in the late 2000's to continue her career in the music industry.

Check out "Classy Girl" below:

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