News: "I Always Thought It Was Brilliant For Kanye [West] Not To Have A Phone"

Monday, Feb 6, 2012 5:39PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records' French Montana recently further opened up on Grammy-winning rap star Kanye West's no-phone policy and why he considers Ye on an elite level of hip-hop stardom.

Despite his respect for Yeezy, Montana admitted he could not see himself sacrificing phone usage.

"I always thought it was brilliant for Kanye not to have a phone. It's like, with me, I deal with people different. It's not like I don't use [e-mail]. Everybody uses e-mail. I go on there to check for beats but I don't really be hitting people on it to talk," Montana said in an interview. "I like to talk to people, especially when my whole career is in your hands. Sometimes, I just want to hit you like in the middle of the night like "Look I just came up with this." I'm more that kind of person, hand to hand with it. I mean feel like at times I don't want no phone, either. If you are at a certain level like Kanye is at, most of the people who are calling your phone, are people who are going to ask you for something, negative energy." (VIBE)

Recently, Montana clarified remarks he made about Kanye's no-phone rules.

"On Angie [Martinez's Hot 97 radio show] when I said Kanye didn't have no phone and they told me I had to email him this and that. That kind of stuck out to me and I think that's some real intelligent sh*t man, 'cause at the end of the day when you wake up--especially when you somebody as big, whatever level you on, most of the phone calls you gonna get is just people asking for sh*t--people just putting you in a bad mood so it f*cks up your whole energy. So, I kind of really respect that. That would be something I would really wanna do but I just can't do it now at this level, cause I still need to be in tune with people and get what I need to get. But I think for a person like him, that's some real clever sh*t." (Complex)

He initially said Ye's phone policy pushed him away from inking a G.O.O.D. Music deal.

"I met up with him one time and then I met up with him again. There were things that I was used to 'cause I was already moving. I'm like a money train," he said. "Kanye doesn't have a phone. If you need to get in contact with Kanye, you have to email him. You can't tell me how to do that. I don't know how to use an email, so I guess me and you is never gonna talk. And I'ma put my career in your hands? He's definitely talented and I felt like if I went there, we would have definitely made history." (Hot 97)

Last year, G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean gave SOHH the inside scoop on Ye's phone phobia.

"Strictly e-mail, man," Sean told SOHH when asked if e-mail was Ye's primary means of contact. "Strictly through e-mail. But when he's with somebody, you gotta call the person he's with. He's a weird guy like that. Shout-out to Kanye. [laughs] He's always been accessible, you know, sometimes it's harder to get into contact with him than other times but he's always there to the people he loves and his fam, he's always there." (SOHH)

Check out a recent French Montana interview below:

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