News: Gucci Mane Admits Losing Super Bowl XLVI Bet, "[Me & Birdman] Both Went For The Patriots" [Video]

Saturday, Feb 11, 2012 11:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane suffered the same loss as Cash Money Records' Birdman last weekend, now revealing he also put his money on the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl XLVI.

Not only losing with the Pats, Gucci said two other wagers were met with defeat during the NFL playoffs.

"That's my partner and we're definitely trying to work something out," Gucci said referring to Birdman. "We're always trying to work something out. You know I'm a business man. I always keep my ears open to what's going on. [Am I a sports fan?] I'm a big sports fan. I lost like three bets in a row. I bet on the [Baltimore] Ravens, the [San Francisco] 49ers and the Patriots and I lost three in a row. [Did I want to take on Birdman's $5 million bet?] Nah, he wanted the same team, both of us went for the Patriots. Yeah, I lost." (Hot 107.9)

Earlier in the week, Birdman said no one would match his $5 million wager on the Patriots.

"Nobody would touch my 5million not even 1million Bet.scared money don't make nomoney. . Now I'm gone spend some$$$$$.YMCMB," he tweeted February 6th. (Birdman's Twitter)

Despite Birdman's claim, online gambling site publicly challenged the music executive a week prior.

"If Birdman is prepared to put his money where his mouth is, we are prepared to accept his $5 million wager on either the point spread or the money line of Super Bowl XLVI," said Dave Mason, BetOnline brand manager, in a statement. "Birdman simply needs to go to BetOnline and register online. Then, he can email me directly and I will provide him wire instructions in order to get his $5 million in post-up funds sent in a timely manner so we can proceed with the bet. Once Birdman's bet is in, we will release a snapshot of the bet in his account, and Birdman will finally have proof that he is the sports bettor who he boasts of being." (Statement)

Prior to the New York Giants winning 21-17 against the Pats, G-Unit's 50 Cent analyzed the seriousness of his bet.

In an exclusive Yahoo! interview, the artist born Curtis Jackson explained why he responded to a wager proposed by another hip-hop star, Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan "Baby" Williams. "Baby had said he had $5 million on the Patriots," 50 explained while sitting in the trailer backstage of the Bud Light Hotel in Indianapolis. "I just think he was just passionate about the Patriots winning and just said that. I don't think he actually would bet $5 million." 50 said he was okay gambling $1 million since he won $500,000 in another recent bet. In January, he won $500,000 when the Giants became the NFC champions. "It would just be risking what I won the first time," he added. (Yahoo News)

Check out Gucci Mane's interview below:

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