5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Go To Work": "Whether You're A Janitor Or President Obama, Everybody Can Relate..."

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 11:59AM

Written by SOHH for First Born

[With former Dirty Money singer Kaleena's "Go to Work" record buzzing nationwide, producer First Born gives you his Top 5 reasons to dig in your pockets and support the post-Diddy anthem.]

1. Brand New Sound

The first reason you should buy Kaleena's "Go to Work" is because it's something fresh. We've all been around the people who say everything on the radio sounds the same. Kaleena provides a contrast to the everyday songs that dominate mainstream radio. Not only does she do something different lyrically but melodically, it is something that you have not heard before. As far as the production goes, I made sure that the listeners' ear did not get tired of hearing the same chords over and over again. It's something fun and something that will make you dance. People have already started posting YouTube videos of them dancing to the song which certainly proves my point which is that it makes you want to dance.

2. We Can Be Your Motivation

The second reason is it's the perfect motivational anthem. For me, the music is my "work" so of course when I'm creating a new record, I am technically going to work. Everyone is not going to always agree with what you do or what you say but as people, we are not put on this Earth to make others happy. From the beginning of time, folks have been ridiculed, ostracized, criticized by others who feel that they are better, or who can't do the same, or who are jealous of their achievements. Whether you're a janitor or President Obama, everybody can relate to someone talking about them. That's part of the course in life but it's always nice to have something great to say back, tell em.. GO TO WORK. Perfect and simple rebuttle.

3. A Star Is Born

Both Kalenna and myself are rising stars. From Kalenna's road with Diddy's group Dirty Money to her solo career, she has been seen to continuously rise above and beyond the occassion, keeping everyone on their toes with the surprise elements that her music brings. I've produced and still produce multiple hits for some of the industry's finest and Kalenna is just another brilliant name to add to the list. You can take one look at Kaleena and you know she's a star. You can listen to one of my productions and know the same. There are very few stars still out there making music. Their songs don't make them, they makes their songs.

4. The Movement

Fourth, Kaleena is her own movement. She's about empowering women and men everywhere to do what they are here to do. Her story itself is a testament to hard work and dedication. If anybody can tell anyone to go to work it's Kaleena.

5. Put In Work

Last reason is everyday is a constant reminder that hard work pays off. This song wouldn't have happened without a whole lot of attention to detail and focus. If you ever need a reminder, just press play.

You Decide. Will you cop "Go to Work"?

To preview/purchase the record, just click here.

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