News: G-Unit's Paris Bares Assets, Shows Goods On Leaked Smooth Mag Cover

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2012 1:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Newly signed G-Unit artist Precious Paris is set to heat up newsstands soon as her new men's magazine Smooth cover feature has leaked online.

The magazine cover shot began circulating online Monday (February 6) evening.

Precious Paris got surprised earlier today when she found out the cover to Smooth Magazine, on which she is featured had leaked. No worries for G-Unit's Rida Gang member because the fellas are digging the look. Paris will be releasing her debut mixtape on Valentine's Day. The Smooth Magazine with her on the cover is also dropping soon. (This Is 50)

Paris also revealed her shocked reaction to the leaked cover yesterday.

"The "SmoothMagazine" came out today????," she tweeted February 6th.
"WTF! They leak magazines too??? (confused)" (Precious Paris' Twitter)

In late December, Paris spoke on battling Nicki Minaj comparisons heading into 2012.

"I've been working with Fif for a minute, I've been doing a lot of vocals for him. That's how we actually met," Paris told DJ Whoo Kid. "I met him as a writer. I guess he just recognized the talent and I'm naturally like him anyway I guess because I'm from Southside Jamaica Queens. ... I'm signed to G-Unit and I'm ready to hold them down. Whatever I have to do. I'm 'going' to hold them down. ... I'm not really looking at it as competition [with Nicki Minaj], because we're like in two different lanes, actually. She went somewhere else and I'm going somewhere else [with the music] where you can really see where I'm going in 2012. So I'm not mad at her, what she's doing, I love what she's doing, she's making money and I do not oppose to any female making money. There's only one girl in the game so how can you be mad at anything? There's room for me, there's room for me. So, as far as comparisons, yeah, everybody's gonna do that but if you want to compare me to somebody else, great, it's somebody that's making money. That's fine." (Radio Planet TV)

Following the signing, 50 Cent detailed the similarities between himself and Paris.

"I've got a new artist, Paris," Fif tells "Her tape is to come out shortly after [Big 10]. She's been working quietly for a long time before I said I wanted to sign her. She's from Queens, she's from Southside. It's easier for me... The element for me, the material I really understand. I know everybody in a part of the story she's telling. I've known her [for a while]. Remember the T.O.S. song, 'Kitty Kat' where the girl is going 'I need cash for my kitty cat'? That was her vocals on that track." (XXL Mag)

Check out a recent Precious Paris interview below:

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