5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Everything Girls Love: "Our Pieces Are Always What's Happening & What's Hot"

Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Latoya Bond

[With spring right around the corner and ladies ready to hit the town on a nightly basis, Everything Girls Love CEO Latoya Bond gives you five reasons her and company president Yandy Smith's popular fashion line is a must-have.]

1. Perfect Fits

The first reason is because the jewelry is unique, meaning you can have your vintage black outfit (black pants, black shirt, black jacket) and you can add one of our items like a pair of earrings, a ring or a bracelet and it will be the perfect piece to your outfit. It's kind of that one item you can go to to give yourself a bit of flash and make you stand out. For all of us behind EGL, we love accessories. We wear this everyday. We wear it going out to the grocery store and we'll wear it when we go out with friends.

2. Throw It In The Bag

The second reason is because its affordable. Compared to our competitors, we have exactly the same quality, same material at less than half the price. A ring you might want from our competitors could cost $200 but you could get the same quality and the same style from us for about $50. A lot of people told us we should raise our prices because they know the quality. For us, we went about it knowing we weren't in this to limit our customers or make it so expensive that we price ourselves out of certain stores and markets. We aim to keep the quality good and make the prices fair.

3. Baby Don't Go

A third reason is because this is classic and timeless. These items are not trendy, they're different but they're items that will last from season to seasons. You can wear it this fall, put it away and bring it back again in a few years and it will still go with just about anything.

4. We Got Whatcha Want

The fourth reason is because there's something for everyone. There's something for college students up to sophisticated executives. If you look at our line, you'll see pieces that will appeal to everyone. You can dress it up or dress it down, it all depends on your style. If you're the girl that's really flashy, you might wear two rings at a time with the bracelets. But if you're conservative and like to keep it simple, you might just want a few items to wear. There's something for everyone. My grandmother wears the jewelry and I have little cousins that wear the jewelry. Literally.

5. Fashion Night Out

I would say the last thing is because it keeps you in fashion. If you're a person not known for being the most stylish and you have trouble trying to figure out what the trends are, you can come to us and buy anything from us, no longer having to worry about being out of style. Our pieces are always what's happening and what's current. We have the best quality, the best material and it'll keep you in the know even when you don't know what's hot at the moment.

You Decide. Will you purchase Everything Girls Love?

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