News: ESPN Under Fire After Racist "Chink In The Armor", Anti-Asian NY Knicks Headline

Saturday, Feb 18, 2012 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Popular sports network ESPN is currently in the hot seat after getting spotted running an offensive, anti-Asian headline targeted toward New York Knicks overnight sensation Jeremy Lin following the team's 89-85 Friday (February 17) night loss to the New Orleans Hornets.

Despite its swift removal, ESPN's publishing of a racist headline caught the attention of multiple bloggers and websites last night.

Several hours after the Knicks' Lin-spired winning streak was snapped by the New Orleans Hornets, ESPN ran the headline "Chink In The Armor" to accompany the game story on mobile devices. ESPN's choice of words was extremely insensitive and offensive considering Lin's Asian-American heritage. According to Brian Floyd at SB Nation, the headline appeared on the Scorecenter app. The offensive headline was quickly noticed, screen grabs, Twit pics and Instagrams were shared and it began circulating widely on Twitter. The use of the word "chink" is especially galling as Lin has revealed that this racial slur was used to taunt him during his college playing career at Harvard. After a brief run, the headline was changed to "All Good Things.." (Huffington Post)

Following the post, ESPN's Director of Communications Kevin Ota issued an open apology.

Last night,'s mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am ET. The headline was removed at 3:05 am ET. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake. (Statemenet)

A similar incident also took place roughly four years ago during the Olympics.

This isn't the first time that ESPN has been in trouble for this exact phrase. The third picture above (reading: "Chink In The Armor?") shows the same headline used during the 2008 Summer Olymipcs in Beijing regarding the U.S. basketball team. With the the numerous nicknames and puns referring to and using Jeremy Lin's name, this was certainly one that is not acceptable. (Complex)

After getting co-signs from artists like former Ruff Ryders rapper Jin, Lin recently revealed his love for Christian hip-hop.

"An artist you gotta check out is Lecrae, he's a Christian rapper, just raps a lot about the Gospel, and about Christian music," Lin told FUSE. "I really enjoy his lyrics as well, so if you're a big lyrics guy, I think that'd be a good fit for you. I listen to something that mellows me out. Hillsong is a Christian band, and they play a lotta contemporary Christian music. I listen to them to remind myself why I'm playing the game, and remind myself I'm playing to glorify God. I really try to just focus on that. I don't try to get too hyped up, otherwise I find myself kinda burned out before the game." (FUSE)

Check out a recent Jeremy Lin interview below:

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