News: DMX On Shredding Rick Ross' MMG Offer, "I Wouldn't Sign W/ 'That' Label" [Video]

Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 10:11AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After making headlines last summer with reports claiming rap star Rick Ross was interested in signing him to Maybach Music Group, former Ruff Ryders leader DMX has explained his reasoning behind turning down the opportunity.

While not going into full details, X said he wants a label which will give him creative control and sufficient promotion.

"What's MMG," X asked before being told it stands for Maybach Music Group. "Nah, see what happened, I got a letter when I was in prison like, 'Yo, yo, you know, we'll send a limo for you and da-da-da da-da,' I appreciated the offer and all of that but I really couldn't see it happening like that. You know what I'm saying? ... [Signing with MMG?] I said I wouldn't sign with 'that' label. I don't have a problem with the name or the label, how many letters are on there, just get me what I need, man. Proper promotion, that's it. That's it, and creative control, that's all I need." ("The Breakfast Club")

Last July, X revealed he would likely pass on the MMG record deal offer.

DMX was released from Yuma Prison in Yuma, Arizona at about 5:30 a.m. PT on Tuesday (July 19) and the dog made it clear to XXL that he's an unsigned "free agent" who can't wait to release his next album...It just won't be on Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group. "Nah, probably not," the Yonkers native told XXL exclusively live on location in Arizona, in between being disappointed by a Dillard's department store's clothing collection that morning and hitting the studio late that night. DMX wouldn't delve into why he was dismissing the alleged offer of signing to the Boss's MMG imprint, but promised that his next album - no release date as of press time - will return realness and rawness to hip-hop. (XXL Mag)

In June, X detailed Ross' interest in signing him to Maybach Music.

"Rick Ross' peoples wrote me a letter while I was in here," he revealed in an interview. "Yeah like 'Yo we got a home for you. We'll pick you up in a limo. Just come to Miami. Just come, we got you.' ... I'm thinking about it. It was a good feeling. I respect him as an artist, and I would like to work with him. But he got the whole Illuminati thing going on. I got fans who write me like 'I'm glad you're not a part of that.' And I don't know what it's really about entirely. So it might be like a good thing." (VIBE)

X also said he needed time to examine Ross' crew before fully considering the deal.

"I have respect for him and he expressed interest that he wanted to work with me while I was out," X added. "So I definitely want do a song with him, but I don't know about the record label thing. I would have to see what his camp is like and feel people out. I'm not the average artist." (VIBE)

Check out DMX's interview below:

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