News: Diddy Breaks Silence On TV Takeover, "That's Something That Kinda Leaked To The Press"

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 11:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy cannot stay mum any longer and has finallly broken his silence on an upcoming television venture which would allow him to own a music-themed cable network.

Admitting the reports are true, Diddy said the big announcement came out prematurely.

"I haven't made that announcement yet. That's something that kinda leaked to the press," the Bad Boy CEO told Sway in Miami while on a break from shooting French Montana's "Shot Caller" remix video. "When I have everything officially solidified, I'll be able to speak on it more. Only thing I can say is, we're coming with a new energy, we're coming with something that people are going to want to tune in to see." (MTV)

Details of Diddy's forthcoming Revolt network launch hit the Internet a couple weeks ago.

Sources with knowledge of the Revolt playbook describe it as a music and music news channel with an urban skew. One described it as the old days of MTV, but for more of the African American audience. The venture is well funded, say the sources. Former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon is involved with Revolt, according to sources. In 2006, Schuon headed up a music channel called International Music Feed (IMF), which was acquired by Ovation TV before being discontinued. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Popular cable provider Comcast would reportedly back the network.

Comcast will provide distribution as part of its commitment to the FCC to help launch minority owned networks. In April, Comcast began soliciting proposals for "independent channels," according to its press materials. It plans to launch 10 over the next eight years, including eight Hispanic or African American owned channels, and began accepting proposals for the first three last spring. Each of the 10 will be added to "select Comcast systems as part of the D1 digital tier," said Comcast; one source believed there would be around 10 million Comcast homes on board at Revolt's launch. Comcast announced its plans to launch an "American Latino"-operated channel by July 28, and an African American-owned one by January of 2013, which would fit Diddy's 12/12 timeframe. (Broadcasting & Cable)

In December, Diddy described himself as the most successful African-American television executive producer in history and hinted at a big announcement brewing.

"I have huge plans for both. Twelve months ago, I basically relocated to L.A. I still live in New York, but I'm bi-coastal. I have some major announcements at the top of the year on things I'm producing--an announcement that's bigger than anyone can realize on something I'm acquiring. And also, films that I'm starring in. I'm looking forward to 2012; it's a huge transition for me out of music onto the big screen and continuing my legacy as a producer. You know, I'm one of the most successful African-American television executive producers in history. I've had six shows on the air at one time. I don't say that in a braggadocio way. But you should definitely remember this conversation and look back at it and say, "I remember he told me he was going to make some huge announcements." (Ad Week)

Check out some recent Diddy footage below:

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