Pulse Report: Hip-Hop Will Always Love Whitney Houston, Jeremy Lin Saves The Knicks Franchise, Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hot

Friday, Feb 17, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we realize just how big of an impact Whitney Houston's death had on the world, especially hip-hop, applaud the New York Knicks' savior Jeremy Lin, give props to Nicki Minaj for keeping the Internet hot for seven days and oh SOHH much more!

1. The Message

There's not one doggy in the world who does not know Whitney Houston passed away last weekened. It still sends chills up my spine the more I think about it. You can say whatever you want, whether you hated her music or lived to hear it, Houston was something special and it's my duty to make sure all of y'all knew just how many lives she touched. This wasn't some one-hit wonder, doggies, Whitney goes up there with the Michael Jackson's of the world. In her prime? Unstoppable. She took the music standard to another level and then when she added acting to her resume? SMH. It was a wrap. Sure, the latter part of her life gets a bit blurry with the wildness, but she even pushed records with a small comeback a couple years ago. But let's put all of that to the side for now and just take note of how special this icon was, is and will always be:

Aretha Franklin: "I just can't talk about it now. It's so stunning and unbelievable. I couldn't believe what I was reading coming across the TV screen."
Alicia Keys: "I feel sick.... Life is precious, we are fragile souls. Let's love each other! I miss you beautiful Whitney, the whole world misses you!!"
Mariah Carey: "Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney's family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth."
Drake: "RIP Whitney Houston."
John Legend: "RIP Whitney. So sad"
Missy Elliott: "This is such a sad moment! I'm speechless I have no words of what I'm feeling right now. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston I love u. Thank u 4 the times we worked 2gether your Voice touched the World! N this rough time I pray for The Houston Family..."
Nick Cannon: "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" RIP to Whitney Houston a true queen."
Akon: "We've lost another Legend. RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON. I'm Honored to have had the chance to work with such an amazing human being"
Sean Kingston: "One Of The Greatest Voices.. Huge Inspiration!!!... SMH Sad News Man Messed up the Whole Day!"
LeToya Luckett: "I'm speechless right now. My heart is broken. R.I.P Whitney Houston"
Keri Hilson: "Watching the news now...it's true. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Ugh I hate that I'm even typing this...I'm shocked. She was my hero growing up."
Tyga: "R.i.p to the legend Whitney Houston.damnn.don't take life for granted"
Keyshia Cole: "Whitney??? Pls No!! R.I.P my beautiful! This REALLY hurts my heart!!!!"
Toni Braxton: "My heart is weeping...RIP to the Legendary Diva & Icon Whitney Houston!!!!! Such an incredible influence over music as a whole!"
Cee Lo Green: "R.I.P. Sister WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!! We will always love you."
Diddy: "Whitney Houston!!! OMG!! I really can't believe this.. This is one of the saddest days ever.."
Katy Perry: "So devastating. We will always love you Whitney, R.I.P."
Justin Bieber: "just heard the news. so crazy. One of the GREATEST VOICES EVER just passed. RIP Whitney Houston. My prayers go out to her friends and family"
Toni Braxton: "She's paved the way for every single singer in the music industry. Iconic, legendary, innovating, amazing, humble...1 the best in the world"
Nicki Minaj: "Jesus Christ, not Whitney Houston. Greatest of all time."
Diggy Simmons: "RIP to the legendary Whitney Houston.. Voice is unmatched."
L.A. Reid: "I am completely devastated by the loss of the greatest voice of all time! R.I.P. Whitney Houston. I will always love you!"
Fat Joe: "A Musical Legend Was Lost 2day!!! REST IN PEACE Whitney Houston."
Ciara: "RIP Whitney Houston. A Legend lost:( Her voice was insurmountable, her smile was illuminating, she was truly one of a kind and a huge inspiration to me. She has always had sweet and fun words to say to me. I will cherish the moment I was able to share with her, forever. This is truly unbelievable. My prayers and condolences to her family at this sad time."
JoJo: "Long Live the Queen."
Melody Thornton: "I praise god I am home for this horrible news! Hysterical!!! I just don't know what to do!"
Queen Latifah: "Oh Dear Lord! Huritng so Bad!!! MY Sister Whitney!!!!!!! Newark please Pray!!! World Please Pray!"
B.o.B: "I remember ALL my mom played were her albums. She was a presence I grew up with, I cant believe it.... Rest In Peace and Have Eternal Life."
Pitbull: "RIP Whitney Houston- que descanses en paz."
Timbaland: "rip 2 a Legendary Diva, Icon, Mother & Friend Whitney Houston. 1 of the greatest voices ever. u will be truly missed. R.I.P Whitney Houston"
Rihanna: "No words! Just tears #DearWhitney"
Teyana Taylor: "Nope Whitney, I'm not believing it. Cause if I do I will go fucking crazy so crazy."
Christina Milian: "I'm so sad to hear of #WhitneyHouston's passing. May she rest in peace. My prayers & condolences to her daughter & family. 4ever remembered"
Diane Warren: "My thoughts and prayers for Whitneys' family. The voice of our time is now silent. RIP Whitney."
Eve: "Wow R.I.P Whitney Houston. So sad. My prayers go out to family,friends,fans..."
Swizz Beatz: "I hate to say these words about my sister & friend R.I.P To the Great Whitney Houston you will always be loved in this world!! #Deans"
Pink: "Whitney was the reason many of us do what we do. "a few stolen moments is all that we share" RIP"
Bow Wow: "Everytime Ms Whitney saw me she would go "Ruff Ruff Ruff" all the time... She lived right around the corner from me. #TrueLegendrighthereboy"
Bruno Mars: "This is terrible news..I'm sick to my stomach. Nobody sang like Whitney"
Ameriie: "Such terrible news to hear of Whitney Houston's passing. She gave the world so much happiness. God bless her & her family at this time."
Busta Rhymes: "Can't believe we've lost another 1 of our Royalty. Sister Queen Whitney Houston. God Bless on ur journey as u now stand with the Most High."
Lil' Kim: "A voice, a talent, and a spirit that will forever remain incomparable. RIP to the Queen, Whitney Houston."
Jennifer Lopez: "Such a loss. One of the greatest voices of our time. Sending out prayers to her family... #R.I.P.Whitney."
Solange: "At this time, the question is not how she went... It is how she will be remembered. I will always remember Whitney Houston as a true legend. I will always remember Whitney Houston as a true, outstanding, talent. A radiant beauty. A magical smile. A voice that made you shiver."
Frank Ocean: "and i, will always love you."
Kelly Rowland: "I am beyond heartbroken. Whitney Houston was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers & performers of all time & such a huge influence on me. She embraced me when I first started out with Destiny's Child, with love, with encouragement and with that powerhouse voice. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to her daughter, her mother and to all of her loved ones."
will.i.am: "I'm so sad...whitney houston was so kind, sweet, wonderful, amazing, talented, and a true gift to the world...#iwillalwaysloveyou"

^ Props to Rap-Up for those, but Houston's outreach was bigger than hip-hop and R&B.

"I am devastated by the loss of Whitney. We have lost a true angel. My prayers, my heart goes out to her family. We have lost an extraordinary voice to the world." -- singer Lionel Richie.
-- "This is a sad day today, all I want to talk about is her music. She was the most beautiful woman I think I ever saw .... Thank you for giving us your talent, and one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard." -- Elton John, from the stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, before dedicating the song "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" to Houston.
-- "Mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston. I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed." -- Dolly Parton, who wrote the original version of "I Will Always Love you," which Houston later sang for the film "The Bodyguard."
-- "She had everything, beauty, a magnificent voice. How sad her gifts could not bring her the same happiness they brought us." -- Barbra Streisand.
-- "As a spokesperson for the Academy, the industry, I guess I would sum it up by saying, there's only one Whitney Houston. There will probably never ever be another. -- Neil Portnow, president and CEO of the Recording Academy
-- "I can't believe that Whitney is gone. My heart goes out to her family, to Clive (Davis), and to everyone who knew and loved this amazingly talented and beautiful artist. I will always love her." -- Barry Manilow
---- "My friend Whitney sang better than anyone. She was magnificent. She gave us everything she had. May she rest in peace and may we let her memory rest in peace." -- Liza Minnelli
-- "Without a doubt, her voice, for me, and for the world, was the gold standard. She had it all, she broke all barriers." -- Tommy Mottola, former chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment
-- "Whitney Houston was the greatest singer I've ever heard and she will be truly missed." -- Tony Bennett in a post on Twitter
-- "The morning of the Grammys, the world should pause and pray for the memory of a gifted songbird." -- Rev. Al Sharpton, who called for a national prayer to honor Houston and support her family
-- "I've known Whitney since she was a little girl and I loved her. She was like family to me. I will miss her." -- Smokey Robinson
-- "At the apex of her career, Whitney had no peer, with a voice that shaped a generation. She has left behind a musical and film legacy that will endure.... she will be sorely missed by us all." -- Bishop T.D. Jakes, producer of Houston's final film project, a remake of the movie "Sparkle."
-- "Her music inspired millions and the power of her voice was hard to match in its depth and crystalline beauty." -- Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who knew Houston.

^ Big thanks goes out to ABC for those. RIP Whitney Houston. You passed away too young and left not only a family saddened, but a large portion of the world. If this isn't an eye-opener for you doggies to appreciate life and especially those musicians who have made timeless music.

2. In A New York Lin-ute

^ LOL!!! Come on doggies, don't tell me y'all aren't coming up with your own craze with Jeremy Lin, right? LOL. Say what y'all want, but NEW YORK SPORTS IS BACK! Even though I can't stand the New York Giants, it felt good knowing they stompted out those New England Patriots' fans to the end, and now with the New York Rangers steaming and the New York Knicks on fire?! LOL! Let's gooooo! But don't look for any autographs from Carmelon Anthony or Amar'e Stoudemire, it's that kid they call Jeremy Liiiiiiiiiiiiin, or "Lin" for short. LOL. This doggy has turned the entire New York Knicks season around completely. Nah, skip that, doggy has saved the franchise. Yeah, I said it and BELIEVE it. The Knicks are serious! Miami? GET READY! Chicago? GET READY! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's just peep an early co-sign from that doggy they call Jin.

"I saw this interview about a year ago. Maybe it's the Asian American connection combined with the fact that at the time I was taking steps on my own spiritual path as well, but I was just super inspired. Later on, as Jeremy landed a spot on the Warriors, I had the notion to work on a song inspired by him. Interesting how God works.. The Warriors track never got released cause I couldn't get it to a point where I was comfortable with the overall direction of the song.. and next thing you know J gets released from the team. As he continues on his path to Houston and then ultimately the Knicks, I think it's safe to say that countless amount of us are continuously inspired and uplifted by what God is doing in this brothers life.. His story and I'm sure many of ours can attest that like the song says, "HE always come thru in the nick of time."" (Channel APA)

And who would have thought Lin knew a little something about rap? OK, granted, it's Christian rap, but rap nonetheless.

"An artist you gotta check out is Lecrae, he's a Christian rapper, just raps a lot about the Gospel, and about Christian music," Lin told Fuse. "I really enjoy his lyrics as well, so if you're a big lyrics guy, I think that'd be a good fit for you. I listen to something that mellows me out. Hillsong is a Christian band, and they play a lotta contemporary Christian music. I listen to them to remind myself why I'm playing the game, and remind myself I'm playing to glorify God. I really try to just focus on that. I don't try to get too hyped up, otherwise I find myself kinda burned out before the game." (FUSE)

Now that y'all got a decent idea of the doggy, peep his latest NBA-REWIND-NOW clips. Yeah doggies, New York is on it like that! LOL.

But the wild thing is the disses coming at my doggy. SMH. Really, Floyd? REALLY?

^ Proof is in the pudding doggies and the KNICKS ARE LIN-NING! NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!

3. Doggy of the Week: Nicki Minaj

This week was a wild one on a lot of different levels, but no doggy had a bigger week than Nicki Minaj. Think about it, she went from performing at the Super Bowl halftime show to getting co-signs from Ludacris, paying her respects to the late Whitney Houston, getting an entire religious faith upset with her for killing it at the Grammy Awards, sharing some dicey words toward M.I.A. and then telling Jay-Z she's after his spot? LOL. That's something big, doggies! Clap it up a few times for the one and only Nicki Minaj a.k.a. Doggy of the Week!

1. I'm Built To Last, Doggies

His pick for Sunday night is clear: He wants to see Nicki Minaj to win Best New Artist. He worked with the MC on 2010's "My Chick Bad," off his Battle of the Sexes album. "I'm looking forward to seeing Nicki Minaj. I love her. I'm glad I got a chance to work with her. I'm extremely proud of her," he said. "She's just scratching the surface of what she's capable of. So Nicki: keep doing your thing, girl." (MTV)

^ Even though we know that Nicki Minaj ended up losing in the "Best New Artist" category, seeing the outpouring support she got, especially from a doggy like Ludacris is big. Not only is doggy an official Grammy-winning rapper, but he's an intelligent doggy. The chick had a big year over the past 12 months and any of y'all that would disagree are playing yourselves. Good co-sign Luda, even if you did get called out by me for going at Big Sean/Drake a few months back. LOL.

2. I Will Always Love Her, Doggy

"Jesus Christ, not Whitney Houston. Greatest of all time.," she tweeted. (Nicki Minaj's Twitter)

^ That was real. Now I know it's standard for all doggies to give out some RIP-type of remarks when a legend dies, but to the extent that Nicki went? Call me a sucker for the ladies, but I really took that she was heartbroken over Houston's death. RIP to Whitney.

3. I Got The Catholics Goin' Nutz

Nicki Minaj's Grammy performance Sunday night (February 12) was spirited, to say the least. Beginning her set with the "Exorcism of Roman" mini-movie, Minaj unleashed her alter ego onstage in a horror-themed backdrop and debuted her "Roman Holiday" single. It was the most elaborate of the night's Grammy performances and has everyone talking. Nicki's fanatic following on Twitter was in full support of Minaj's display. "@NICKIMINAJ that is a monumental M4L for you and us. I'm in love with your performance," @SlickerGuy tweeted. Others weren't as turned on by the Harajuku Barbie's set. "Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, I'm all about expression, but it has gone overboard. Love Adele cause her focus is on music, not controversy," @thekatiestevens wrote. "I liked Nicki Minaj's performance. Too many people be sipping on that hater aid! Hahaha," @_lookslikeali wrote, responding to all the negative comments. (MTV)

^ LOL!!! Not overly religious, but I've got to say, Nicki was wrong for this! LOL!!!!! Not wrong because she offended me, I thought it was hilarious, but because she should have known doggies don't play when it comes to those relgious antics. No way, Jose. Whenever you put those things on a national television scale, there's gonna be backlash. LOL. Props to her for going through with it though. Right or wrong.

4. S.T.F.U. M.I.A.

"My first feeling was disappointment, only because of my respect for Madonna. I'm a cuckoo lady too, but I would never be able to do it off the strength of Madonna. There are fines that go into these things, and I just thought, 'Oh my God. I hope they don't penalize Madonna.' Madonna knows the artist that M.I.A. is and it was her decision to take the risk with all of us. We were kinda all firecrackers and she took that risk. She's done some crazy things becoming the icon that she is, so I think that's why she was able to forgive M.I.A. I love M.I.A. and I don't want to say anything that is the wrong thing, but me personally, I couldn't see myself doing it, just for the respect for Madonna. I wouldn't want any backlash to come back on Madonna." (Ryan Seacrest)

^ LOL!!!! The nerve of Nicki, right? LOL. I can't lie, this had me rolling. I would have bet the house that Nicki would have backed up M.I.A. on this but much to my surprise, the rap chick went with the pop icon. LOL.

5. She Want That Doggy's Crown

On our March cover, out today, Kim Kardashian is ultra natural. But our April cover, Nicki Minaj? The girl not only wears an orange wig in one shot in the magazine, she takes her always-electric style to the next level. Let's just say that when she saw the racks of clothes at the shoot, she steered clear of anything black. She also talked to us about her plans for world domination. (Well, practically--fragrance, a clothing line--you name it, she's planning it.) She told writer Judith Newman, "I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. He said, 'Congratulations on all your success.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I'm coming for you. I'm coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.'" On March 20, check newsstands for more gorgeous pictures and the whole, revealing interview! (Allure)

^ NO COMMENT!!!!! LOL!!!!!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Gizel

I can't lie, doggies. I wasn't too thrilled about the New York Giants trash-talking the latter part of the NFL season and then using that cockiness to go all the way to the Super Bowl and WIN another championship while my Jets sat on their couches. SMH. But with that said, I won't lie, hearing what Gisele Bundchen said about the New England Patriots' receivers? LOL!!!! PRICELESS. So with her in mind, we had to roll with a delicious delight that could only share a similar name, Gizel. Now even though their body measurements are vastly different in every shape, form and way possible, I think you doggies will still be beyond satisfied! LOL.




^ And as if that wasn't enough, check out what Gizel can do in front of a recording video camera. LOL.

5. "STFU" Honors

This past week was a weird one, doggies. There were so many tributes in honor of the late Whitney Houston and then the baby photos of Jay-Z and Beyonce's newborn daughter that you'd think we wouldn't be able to uncover those doggies that are slick-talking. NOPE! We got them all and trust me, they're nothing less than ridiculous. LOL. Let's start with Alley Boy. The fact doggy backtracked and now says he WAS dissing T.I. and Young Jeezy on his "I Want In" gets him automatically inducted. Then you go and see a doggy like Frenchie from Brick Squad Monopoly claiming he's "made" it? LOL!!! Not the type of doggy to rain on anydoggy's parade, but WHO ARE YOU!? You "made" it? LOL. O-K. And even though it's probably the media egging them on, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa still talking about marriage is sickening, almost painfully excruciating. Just stop it. At this point, we'd even settle for "NO COMMENT." LOL. Then there's Lil Wayne. Blame it on the moment or maybe his belt being on too tight, but going at Jay-Z and Kanye West? C'mon doggy. I hope you're still peaking as an artist, because if you peaked, it's all downhill now. LOL. And finally, yeah, I know, doggies are gonna call me out for this, but we're gonna have to go with Madonna. Even after I aired out M.I.A. last week, I came to realize M.I.A. is a loose cannon. She's caused a stir for the past few years with controversial acts. Madonna, you asked for trouble. Just saying.... And in case y'all doggies didn't know it yet, welcome to "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors!

1. Alley Boy

"The whole record -- it was what it was. People know what time it is," Alley explained in an interview. "I said what I said and I meant it. It was some situations that happened between them two cats or whatever. I ain't into promoting those two dudes, they names and junk or whatever, but people know what it is. It was some situation that happened with the boy Tip or whatever, about a video that was put out -- I don't want to get too deep into that but anyway he called my big homie. One of the other CEOs, he called him and he threw somthing out there to him, a certain proposition about what happened and it made me look at dude like a coward. You have to stand up for yourself, can't nobody fight your battles. It really brushed us real sour. Instead of just taking it to the streets, which we were about to, it was like, 'OK, I'm gonna go this way.' And with the other dude or whatever, it was just a character thing. He's like, 'Oh Alley, you just did a song with him,' or whatever, whatever. ... In a way, you know, middle finger to both of them. That's my word, that's what it is."

2. Frenchie

"I named the record "Doubt Me" because it's [my method of saying], 'look at me now'. People never thought I would be able to make it and so I wanted to tell these little kids in school that you can do what you want to do. But the truth is I dropped out of school and it was the grace of God for me to have been able to do what I'm doing and what I've done. I pray to God every night for all of the success [I've received]. God doesn't put anything on me that I can't handle. I ended up doing the record in one day. I made it the same way I would do a freestyle track. I wrote the first verse but I actually freestyled the [entire] second verse. Everything came together because I was speaking what I felt. I really did this song [because of] how I was feeling. I didn't really listen to the song or think about it a lot, but when I put it on my mixtape, I could really [feel] the response. Everywhere I performed the song, people knew the words a lot better than my other songs. I couldn't believe it."

3. Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa

amber-rose-wiz-khalifa-beach-2011-10-24-300x300.jpgWiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Is "Black and Yellow" rapper Wiz Khalifa ready to make an honest woman out of Amber Rose? At Sunday's Grammy Awards in L.A., Rose, 28, dispelled rumors Khalifa had recently proposed. "We're not engaged," she told E! News. "Not yet." "Soon though," Khalifa, 24, hinted. The two began dating just "over a year" ago, shortly after Rose split with another rapper, Kanye West, 34. Rose, who wore a vibrant Versace gown, isn't putting any pressure on Khalifa. "We want to get married. We're just taking our time," she said. "Whenever he wants to propose, that's when it will happen. He's just the sweetest guy. He's very normal. He didn't let the fame and everything get to him."

4. Lil Wayne

Months after spitting an eyebrow-raising diss directed at Jay-Z on his song "It's Good," Lil Wayne has once again fired off a (thinly veiled) shot at Jay, this time including his "Watch The Throne" buddy, Kanye West. At the Cash Money Pre-Grammys party at Paramount Studios on Saturday night (Feb. 11), Weezy gave a lengthy speech that ended with him rattling off a few bars for the crowd. "I met a bad red bone, I took the bitch home/ I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not The Throne," he rapped.

5. Madonna

Madonna called in to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" to discuss her Super Bowl performance including the controversy around M.I.A.'s digit malfunction, and whether or not we can expect Britney Spears on her upcoming single "Girls Gone Wild." Since stepping off the Super Bowl stage controversy has swirled due to Madonna's guest performer. M.I.A. raising a middle finger during the performance. Madonna confesses: "I was really surprised. I didn't know anything about it. I wasn't happy about it. I understand it's punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity it seemed negative. It's such a teenager...irrelevant thing to do...there was such a feeling of love and unity there what was the point? It was just out of place."

***Doggies, this may be the happiest state I've been in since the New York Jets were last in the AFC Championship game! The New York Knicks can finally get taken seriously right now. Who would have thought a doggy from Harvard would be balling on the court, not behind an oakwood desk in Madison Square Garden? LOL. That's all I've got to say, see y'all on Tuesday! Enjoy the weekend, catch some Knicks games! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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