News: Birdman Buys Big Brother Maybach, "He's The Coolest N*gga In The World" [Video]

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 1:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Cash Money Records' Birdman is following up his recent purchases of new whips for Lil Wayne and Mack Maine by treating his big brother/co-founder Slim to a brand new Mercedes Maybach.

Showing off the whip's luxury accessories like ceiling lights and a flat screen television, Birdman expressed his love for Slim.

It was just one week ago that we saw footage of Birdman buying matching Bentleys for Lil Wayne and Mack Maine, but the Cash Money CEO's giving ways just can't be stopped. Now, he's bought his brother/Cash Money co-founder Slim a brand-new Maybach. "My brother, money can't buy the love and respect I have for that n*gga," Bird said in the video. "[He means] everything on Earth to me. I'd give that n*gga my blood, my veins, my vessels. He's the coolest n*gga in the world -- he's the head n*gga in charge. He's the coolest n*gga I ever met in my life. Money can't buy love." (Complex)

Last November, reports hit the Internet announcing Maybach's discontinuation within two years.

Mercedes-Benz's ultra-luxury Maybach brand will be no more starting in 2013, according to the Detroit News. While having a century's worth of history, the Maybach marquee was revived in the U.S. market in 2003 to compete against Rolls-Royce and Bentley. During that time, the brand essentially sold only one model in two lengths: the Type 57 and Type 62. Amenities included a fully reclining rear seat, electrotransparent sunroof, rear refrigerator and standard champagne flutes. (Kicking Tires)

Just last week, Bird treated Young Money president Mack Maine and Lil Wayne to their own rides.

Birdman knows how to take care of his family. The Cash Money CEO presented his star Lil Wayne with a Bentley Mulsanne, which costs around $285,000. "Everytime I do something for myself, I like to do it for my son too," said Baby. Mack Maine was also on the receiving end of his generosity, getting his own Rolls-Royce with a big red bow on top. "I think I deserve to be excited," said the Young Money president. "I used to drive a Cavalier when I was 15. Who'd have ever imagined?" But one thing Birdman's money can't buy is loyalty. "It's priceless," he said. "Being loyal, being down, hard work, and grinding, that's what YMCMB about." (Derick G)

Back in 2008, the music executive gave Wayne $1 million for his birthday.

Birthday boy Lil Wayne was left stunned when mentor and pal Birdman handed him $1 million at his 26th birthday party in Miami on Tuesday night. Stars DJ Khaled and Akon looked on in amazement as the "Got Money" hitmaker opened a briefcase Birdman handed him and discovered it was full of crisp new bills. A stunned party guest says, "Lil Wayne was left speechless. He was almost in tears when he hugged his friend. I mean, who wouldn't like $1 million as a birthday gift?" The Club Mansion bash was a lavish affair all round 00 one of the party's main attractions was an ice sculpture full of frozen $100 bills. (SF Gate)

Check out the footage below:

SLIM .... BLOOD LOVE 2 from DERICK G on Vimeo.

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