News: Andre 3000 Names His Biggest Misconception & Fear, "People Think You Kind Of Ride On This Non-Human Wave"

Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 9:07AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

OutKast's Andre 3000 has opened up about what he feels is the biggest misconception about himself and what fears him the most as an artist.

Despite his prowess on records and ability to seemingly collaborate with any artist, Three Stacks said most people underestimate his grind.

"I've never gotten that question. This biggest misconception," Andre said, "that it's easy for me, I guess, is the biggest misconception. People think you kind of ride on this wave, this non-human wave, and I think that's kind of wrong to put that on entertainers. But I think that's a big thing for me. People talk about Andre 3000, they talk about fashion, they talk about film, they talk about music, and it's almost like they put you in this place, but it's work. It's hard work just like anything else." (GQ)

Asked to name his biggest fear, Three Stacks admitted over analyzing tops the list.

"The biggest fear is me thinking about it too much--and that's why I'm just trying to catch the energy just like I've done before. What you all have heard before, I was not thinking, I was just going on cruise control. I was just going at it like any artist. When you look at the Wayne, when you look at the Kanye... I can tell when an artist is in the zone because they're not thinking and that's when you're at your best. So I'm just hoping, at this point, I don't let my history get in front of my future. You know what I mean?" (GQ)

Andre 3000 recently made headlines for starring in a Gilette Fushion electric razors campaign.

"Style is taking what you have, kind of what you're given, and playing with it," Dre said in a Gillette promotional video. "That's what style is, just kinda finding what's in you and putting it out into something you have that nobody else has. You kind of just have to love it and nurture it and say, 'This is me and I'm just gonna blast it out to the world!' Facial hair is a part of getting up in the morning. It took me a long time to actually grow hair on my face, so when I got it, I didn't want to get rid of it! I think it's something that frames your face up. ... At the moment, me and my barber kind of separated in a way 'cause my hair's growing. [laughs] So, I don't go by and get haircuts. I haven't gone by in about three years. Maybe. I do my own grooming at home so he reaches out every now and again. He's one less customer right now." (Gillette)

Outside of music, Dre released a personal kale and collards recipe a few weeks ago.

"Being that I'm from the South, I've eaten collards, mustard and turnip greens all my life. I was introduced to kale a few years ago and fell in love with the way you can instantly stir fry or pan fry it. Kale is also nutritious, and by not boiling it to death like classic Southern greens, most of that nutrition stays in tact." (Bon Appetit)

Check out a recent Andre 3000 interview below:

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