News: Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Bow To The Based God, "You Just Don't Give A F*ck"

Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Video vixen Amber Rose dished out her admiration toward West Coast rapper Lil B this week, revealing she and boyfriend/rapper Wiz Khalifa are big fans of his movement.

Rose expressed her respect toward B and offered some words of advice yesterday (February 8).

"@LILBTHEBASEDGOD Wiz & I Love ur Videos & Music u be havin us cracking up Lol U just don't give a f*ck I'm a fan #Inspiring :-)," she tweeted February 8th.
".@LILBTHEBASEDGOD Pls stay positive don't ever change! Let me or Wiz know when u have a show in LA we wld Love 2 come & support ur movement" (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Shortly following the tweets, Lil B acknowledged Rose's kind words.

"@DaRealAmberRose appicate that amber tell wiz bless ! Party time - Lil B," he replied back.
"SHOUTS OUT TO @RealWizKhalifa @darealamberrose a very positive team staying strong #BASED - Lil B" (Lil B's Twitter)

Last year, producer 9th Wonder described his respect toward the West Coast rapper.

"Lil B reached out to me 3 or 4 months ago on Twitter and told me he's a big fan of myself and Murs," 9th revealed in an interview. "At the time I didn't know who he was, so I Google'd his stuff, and I was like "ooo-kay" [Laughs]. I saw 'Wonton Soup' and all that. Then, the Twitter world started going crazy off the fact that I was even talking to Lil B...It wasn't until he released a record with Tony Yayo called 'Based,' that Khrysis told me to check out. I heard it and he was saying some stuff on there -- I was digging it -- so of course I hit him back on Twitter to tell him. He was just really adamant about getting up. I told him if we get up -- you can't do no 'Wonton Soup' [Laughs]. And he knew it." (VIBE)

Outside of co-signs, the rapper recently shared his opinion on the state of hip-hop.

"I've [taken] rap one hundred percent seriously for so long, that I see it now, it's a joke to me now because with a lot of the rap artists that are in it, they're not truly authentic," Lil B reasoned in an interview. "How I feel about authentic is that my whole past is there. Anything that I talk about, you can just check up -- Do I think rap's a joke and I'm having fun? I'm not going to lie. Right now, it is a joke because my life has been so real. Life is so real, bro. I almost lost my life numerous times, like in the streets and everything." (107.5 WGCI)

Check out some recent Lil B footage below:

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