5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "All Things Fall Apart": "How Many Times Do You Get To See 50 Cent Be 25 Cent After Losing All That Weight?"

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 11:40AM

Written by SOHH for Mario Van Peebles

[With the long-awaited All Things Fall Apart film finally on store shelves this week, actor/director Mario Van Peebles gives you 5 reasons to dig in your pockets and purchase this Ray Liotta and 50 Cent-starring movie.]

1. Life & Times

I think one of the top reasons why you should buy the film is because we all go through life and death, incarnation, in this body. It's rare that you get a movie that's life-affirming and deals with both. It deals with the life and the death. When your days are numbered, how do you want to go out? Do you want to go out plugged into the machines at the hospital or are you going to take control of it, get the people together now that you love and handle it now and live your life in a way that's full, forgive people we've had issues with and figure things out. Most of us don't have terminal dates because we don't know when we'll die, the more you live with the three loves (love what you do, love who you do it with, love who you stay with), the fuller you'll understand life.

2. What Up, Fif?

Another reason why you should consider buying the movie is because it deals with some interesting issues and it's entertaining. It's fun to watch. 50 Cent brings his A-game. I think this is a fairly smart drama with an all-star cast. It's real good drama, real good music and 50 like you've never seen him before. It's no back-up, no gun, just his acting skills and he's doing his thing. How many times do you get to see 50 Cent be 25 Cent after losing all that weight?

3. Story To Tell

It's a real story and it's coming from the heart. We've seen these other stories where guys are dressing up as women, wearing wigs and stuff and this is not that. There's space for that but this really has some heart and comes from a good place. You get to see all shades of us. You're seeing people come together and try to survive in a tough economy, really trying to overcome. So I think it's got an inspirational backbone behind it.

4. For The Fam

I think this story goes across generations. When you make films that relate to us as human beings as opposed to special effects things, then it translates. Sometimes it can be very powerful and you can really get into the character. I think it's edutainment.

5. You Know My Steez

In this movie, I started out just going to act in it and then once I heard 50 talking about his friend had passed, I started talking to him about how he could bring that to the screen. The more we talked about it, he wanted to reconsider the directing. So that's how I got this project and I think one of the advantages I have being an actor and director is like being a doctor and patient; you can understand both sides. The other thing is I clearly enjoy making films that aren't just movies but they're films. You see that in Baadassss! or playing "Malcolm" in Ali, they're movies that enterain but have what I like to call cinematic nutritional value. So it's not just hopping around and singing and dancing, but we're also growing and learning from it as well. If there's a Mario Van Peebles brand [message], [it's that] I want people to know we make edutainment.

You Decide. Will you purchase All Things Fall Apart?

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