5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Aim High/Stuntin' Puma Tees: "You're Wearing Our Messages Instead Of Just Listening To Them"

Thursday, Feb 2, 2012 12:15PM

Written by SOHH for Nefew

[With the winter weather feeling more like spring as of late, rapper Nefew is giving you his Top 5 reasons why you should consider copping his Aim High/Stuntin' Puma brand t-shirts.]

1. 1 In A Million

One reason why you should consider getting the t-shirts is because of their uniqueness and creativity. You can see the artwork and see that we really try to have that level of creativity in all forms and outputs that we have. With the shirts, those designs are actually done by ourselves and that's one of the main reasons why we chose to do those shirts. We wanted to have our own product with our own message. One of the t-shirts reads 'Aim High' and the artwork goes with that message. There's a message in the shirts. You can see that everything is about content. You're wearing our messages instead of just listening to them.

2. Stuntin' Like My Daddy

The second reason is creativity. Having a logo that is different than everything else is important. When you look at the Stuntin' shirt, it's a flashy thing that's for people who like flashy colors. Obviously we have something that has meaning to it which is the 'Aim High' shirt.

3. The People

The third reason is just giving back to the people. It's about giving them a t-shirt for whoever is feeling the music. It''s one thing to do a t-shirt with your band name on it but we wanted to do something that is open. We didn't want to do a t-shirt that said 'Nefew.' It's about accessibility. We wanted to create a t-shirt that is accessbile to everyone. It doesn't say 'Nefew' all over the place. It was about the message and that's what we focused on.

4. Dope Boy Fresh

I think another reason is because this represents freshness in general. Obviously this is to also promote Puma and tell people that they have wonderful products. Them giving us an opportunity to do our own t-shirts shows that Puma is standing behidn quality, hip-hop music. I think this t-shirt shows that.

5. All In The Gang

The last one would probably be to have a package with everything. You don't just have the t-shirt, you have music as well. The concept of the t-shirt reflects the content on the Man Vs. Many album. If you buy the shirt, you get a download coupon for iTunes and can download my album.

You Decide. Will you purchase the Aim High/Stuntin' Puma t-shirts?

To preview/purchase the shirts, just click here.

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