News: 2 Chainz Reveals Rejected Lil Wayne Offer, "I Was One Of The First People Invited To Young Money"

Friday, Feb 3, 2012 11:31AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz continues to make headlines this week after now revealing he was offered an opportunity to join the same label made home to rap stars Drake and Nicki Minaj.

According to 2 Chainz, he turned down a chance to work under Lil Wayne's Young Money label in order to become his own boss.

"I was one of the first people invited to Young Money, before the album. Wayne asked me," Chainz said when he appeared on Wednesday's "RapFix Live." "From the outside looking in, I hate to see people look like they clique hopping," Chainz said. "But when you just look at an artist that went from here to this subsidiary, to this subsidiary -- for me I felt like I'm smart enough to sign 2 Chainz slash Def Jam like I did." Instead of signing to another artist, with Def Jam the "Spend It" MC was able to become his own boss and partner his new label T.R.U. with the deep-rooted record company. As soon as he signed, Chainz sent Wayne a text thanking him for being a true friend. "Lil Wayne is one of the realist dudes in the game as far as opening up doors for people to eat and trickling down to their families," he said. "He's one of the most unselfish, talented people that I've been around." (MTV)

Recentlly, "Why Stop Now" producer Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph spoke on rap veterans like Busta Rhymes joining Cash Money and the power Young Money controls.

"The reality of it is 70 percent of radio, I promise you, is controlled by Young Money. I don't see why there's a big issue. They're winning, so, I think a lot of people feel since he's been in the game for so long and has done so many things for hip-hop, he probably could have started his own label and do x, y and z. But they're a huge machine that's winning." (SOHH)

Chainz announced his departure from Ludacris' Disturbin' Tha Peace label this week.

Although there's numerous rumors about his new label deal circulating on the net, 2 Chainz cleared up one thing with XXL about his current situation: He is no longer with Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace. "It's the Real University, Two Gun Gang, Street Executives. It's not DTP no more," he says. "I'm actually behind [Ludacris], he's still my homie. I just took another route as far as running my own company and bossing up. But on the other hand, I'm still working with him. He has an album coming out this year, as well." (XXL Mag)

Following the announcement, he also considered what the future holds for his fans.

"I'm excited about putting out new music. Fortunately for me I have so many features that's not out yet. I have features that's out and then my mixtape definitely has some more legroom on it," Chainz said in an interview. "Some songs that still haven't peaked. I don't like putting out music to confuse the consumer or to cause problems to my own campaign. So I got some really dope records. I'm just waiting on the right time to release them. ... Be looking out for a major release from 2 Chainz this year. Major distribution on Def Jam. And I'll be working with another artist. I'll be making a surprise announcement [about it] later on, [and I'll reveal] who I'm gonna be partnering up with. You a smart motherf*cker so I'm not gonna give you all the information you need. But it's going down." (Complex)

Check out some recent 2 Chainz footage below:

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