Exclusive: Yandy Smith, Somaya Reece, Frenchie, 112's Slim, & More Talk V-Day Crushes, "I Know He's Married But I Have A Deep Crush On..."

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 1:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In honor of Valentine's Day, 112's Slim, Brick Squad Monopoly rapper Frenchie, "Love & Hip Hop" stars Somaya Reece and Yandy Smith plus more have spilled the beans to SOHH on their celebrity crushes and how they would spend the romantic-themed day with them if given the opportunity.

While most ladies are content with one special love, "Love & Hip Hop" star Somaya Reece said she would need two V-Day hunks.

"I can't choose one, I need to choose two. Paul Walker and Common. Here's the thing. Now only is Common fine, but being someone who loves hip-hop, he's just such a great, inspirational and he's a gentleman, articulate and an actor. Those are all of the things that I love. I've always loved Paul Walker. He is fine. I don't care what anybody says. He has that George Clooney effect where the older he gets, [he's] still fine. I could see them being two different types of dates. Common would be more of a private, boat ride kind of a guy. Maybe lunch or a breakfast. For Paul, we would have a night on the town. I could see us doing something in England or France." (SOHH)

With over two decades in the game leaving women yearning, Slim said his ideal V-Day date would actually be a woman outside of the entertainment industry.

"Keeping it all the way real, I'm cool with industry girls but that wouldn't be my forte. I would really like an everyday girl. Probably somebody that would totally have nothing to do with the entertainment field. Basically I would just be myself. Now I'm not going to front, I would probably like to go somewhere warm. I'm a beach type of guy; I need sand, palm trees and water. So anywhere that can be day and night nice, we could go and have a picnic on the beach. We would just enjoy each other. I've done everything but I think that a person I know I wouldn't have to try so hard with is who I would spend Valentine's with." (SOHH)

Music industry veteran and "Love & Hip Hop" star Yandy Smith said her dream V-Day hook-up would be with Hollywood actor Laz Alonzo.

"My dream Valentine who I have my super celebrity crush on would be Laz Alonzo. Laz Alonzo is a Howard University graduate and I know the makings of a Howard man. I think he's a beautiful specimen of a man. We both happen to be alumni from Howard University. So that's just an instant connection right there. I would love to go to dinner with him, somewhere nice and quiet where we could just talk. Dinner would be fun for me. A nice, romantic, candle lit get-to-know-you dinner where we could just talk to the night away." (SOHH)

Brick Squad Monopoly's Frenchie opted out of going with a high profile celebrity and said he would go back to his roots to find an ideal Valentine.

"I would go to my hood and just pick one of the girls that went to school with me. I would have to go to the hood and pick a ghetto princess. They'd appreciate it more. I don't want to be like everyone else and say, 'I'd go out with Rihanna, Beyonce or Keri Hilson.' I can't do it. [laughs] I want to make those ghetto princesses famous. I would take the hood chick on a plane because I know she's never been on one, take her to a resort and then get to the beach. It's cold and snowy, so I know she wants to go to the beach." (SOHH)

"Love & Hip Hop" cast member Erica Mena said despite his maritial status, R&B singer Robin Thicke would be the one to make her V-Day dream come true.

"Hmmm. I have to make this good because Valentine's Day is 'that' day. [laughs] I know he's married but I have a big crush on Robin Thicke. [laughs] I just love his swagger. Yeah, he can take me there. No matter where we go, we'd have his music playing the whole time. Maybe we'd go somewhere in the middle of the water, very exotic. I'm a New York girl so for me, you've got to kind of bring it to that level. You have to pull out the big guns with me. We'd have a romantic dinner and then go out on a boat ride. Valentine's Day is that day." (SOHH)

Happy Valentine's Day from the SOHH staff!

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