News: Xzibit Vents Over Father's Health Struggles, "My Blood Relatives Don't Give A F*ck"

Monday, Jan 23, 2012 9:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Xzibit has taken fans a bit closer into his personal life by revealing his father's health struggles intensifying by having a leg amputated over the weekend.

Xzibit hit up Twitter and vented out his frustrations toward family members.

"stuck at the San Antonio airport on my way to Albuquerque. My dad had a leg amputated due to his struggle with diabetes. #praying.," he tweeted January 22nd.
"sad that I would rather talk to you guys about that instead of my own family. but it seems like my blood relatives dont give a fuck. #real"
"My dad was a devoted Jehovah's Witness, he sacrificed his entire life AND family for his faith, and them bastards aint no where around.#fake"
"sorry to vent like this on twitter, but im real, and this is how I feel. I also realize im not the only one going thru this situation." (Xzibit's Twitter)

Last month, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo was rushed to a hospitbal due to diabetes complications.

"We appreciate the outpouring of concern and prayers. Shawty Lo was hospitalized yesterday," his manager Johnnie Cabbell said. "He suffers from Diabetes and had to seek immediate medical attention, although he is now resting and doing well," Cabbell continued. "He will be able to fulfill his scheduled upcoming performances and appearances." (RapFix)

Last June, Chicago rapper Rhymefest was also hospitalized over diabetes.

"I'm back y'all, thanks 4 the prayers and well wishers. I got released from the hospital over the weekend. Diabetes is manageable so I'm good," he tweeted Monday (June 6th).
"Got a new diet, work out plan and lease on life. Gotta get off this insulin"
"Thanks to my close homies and family for helping me organise my new life style. No more pepsi hotchips and laffy taffys" (Rhymefest's Twitter)

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe recently said losing ample amounts of weight helped him get rid of diabetes.

"I was talking to my trainer yesterday and he asked me, 'When was the last time you were slim?' I swear to God I think when I was a month or two months old. That was it, I was Fat Joe ever since. -- [I thought] 'I'm rich now. I can go to Mr. Chow's and eat all the steak and lobster I want.' ... I think I weighed about 450, 460 at my heaviest. I always took pride in being fat. That's why my name is Fat Joe. And I always represented for the big people. But I realized at a certain point all my big people were dying -- my best, best, best, best friends don't even know this but I was diabetic for 16 years -- since I was 14. And being that I lost weight [I have] no more diabetes." (CNN)

Check out some recent Xzibit footage below:

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