SOHH Whatcha Think: Vid: Wiz Khalifa Has A Battle Dance + 50 Cent Links Up With Pepsi?!

Monday, Jan 2, 2012 7:26AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

Is the hood checkin' for energy? The answer is yes and I'll tell you why: Real n*ggas don't wake up til 2pm. You can't expect a dude to hold the entire block and put on for his city unless he gets a minimum 14 hours of sleep, B. Well, things may soon be changing thanks to 50 Cent: Street King, his energy shot formula that promises to "turbo-charge your drive to succeed," has scored a major distribution deal with Pepsi.

If you follow Fiddy on Twitter, you may have noticed that in between his label rants and philosophical musings e-beefs, he occasionally drops an "SK" promo. Well, be prepared to see a lot more about the SK brand, as Mr. Cent has already begun spreading the word about his union with he beverage giant.

Rapper 50 Cent has landed a major distribution deal and it's not for his music, it's for his new Street King energy shot. 50 has been tirelessly promoting the energy drink, which he launched in September of 2011. "I did a deal with Pepsi to distribute streetking its gonna be every were [sic] buy a bottle feed some one in need," 50 revealed on Twitter. 50 Cent launched the Street King energy shot, in order to fight world hunger. Everytime a shot is purchased, a meal is provided for a child in need. (All Hip Hop)

Just a warning, like all energy drinks high in caffeine, Street King may come with a few side effects such as dizziness, irritability and nervousness. Oh. And you might end up looking like this:

50 Cent (Shockingly Skinny)

Kidding. Kidding. The drinks actually serve a good cause, as every bottle sold provides a meal to a hungry child. SOHH our question of the day: Are you checking for Street King?

In other rap happs ...

Looks like Wiz Khalifa took several doses of Street King before filming this video, which features the Pittsburgh rapper taking part in an impromptu battle dance against one of his pals. Remember the days when n*ggas didn't kill each other over candy or Jordans -- instead cats settled their differences through the art of dance? Yeah me neither. In the background, you may notice an unamused Amber Rose exhibiting Jedi-like focus on her laptop. Dance King? No. Funny? Yes.

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