5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Toilette Papers: The #1 Number 2 Book": "Laughter During Bowel Movement Will Improve Your Sex Life & Make You Live Longer"

Friday, Jan 13, 2012 12:00PM

Written by Tyler McDermott for Sha Stimuli

[With The Toilette Papers: The #1 Number 2 Book now in stores, Brooklyn rapper Sha Stimuli gives you his Top 5 reasons why you should add volume one of this humorous read to your bathroom library.]

1. More Money = Better Music

If you don't like my music, the book might sell a lot and I can stop rapping. And, if you do like my music, I could get more money and rap better. If I get more money and I'm coming from a better financial place, the music will be from the heart. I won't be rapping to try to get money. I won't be rapping about struggle and stuff like that. I might make some happy music. If you don't like me and I sell a lot, I might say "To hell with rap."

2. Sanitation Enlightenment

If you never heard of a murder monkey, a nut button, or if you don't know much about the bathroom guys who work in public bathrooms, this book will greatly enlighten you.

3. Improved Sex Life & Longer Lifespan

Laughter during bowel movement will improve your sex life and make you live longer. That is why this is the number one book to read during number two. I am not a biologist or scientist so I don't know. I made that stat up but I think people should still go buy it.

4. History in the Making

I am the first rapper to write a humor book. If you want to be a part of history then you should buy it. All the other rappers are doing gangster novels, tough books about their lives and hardships, and explaining why they write their raps. This is doing stuff that has to do with rap and this is very human and it hasn't been done before. So, why not try to get down with me now.

5. Perfect for Toilet Trips

Have you ever had a sneeze attack on public transit without a tissue? Have you ever wondered why people repeat words to give it more meaning? Like, "I love them, but I don't love them, love them." Have you ever had to go to the bathroom while you were out and analyzed public locations and thought, "Which one had a decent facility?" All of that stuff is in the book and talks about it in a very elaborate way that makes you smile, identify with it, and it's all for the pleasures of your reading comfort while you're on the toilet. Who could say no to that?

You Decide. Will you buy The Toilette Papers?

To purchase this book, just click here.

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