5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Stoned Genius": "I'm A Super Pothead"

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 12:20PM

Written by SOHH for Roc C

[With his new Stoned Genius album finally on store shelves, rapper Roc C gives you his Top 5 reasons to get both hands on this guest feature-packed record.]

1. The Cure

One reason you should cop Stoned Genius is because it's going to save cancer. Man, you ain't know this? They've been trying to find a cure for cancer for the last 100 or so years but I've been doing what I've been doing in my own and vibe with my stoned geniuses. You can play this Stoned Genius and it goes in there with good stuff like electrolytes and it goes into your body and knocks out all of the bad stuff. Boom. Cancer saved! I might have to get a Teen Choice Award with this.

2. Brotherly Love

The second reason you should get Stoned Genius is because Freeway is on it. He's one of the newest cats that I've always looked up to who came into my circle. He's one of those guys from the Roc-A-Fella days, State Property days to before I even had a deal that I've always been cool with. To having even been in the position I was in to get Freeway to do the song was big. I said, "Your boy is coming around. I'm still your local janitor but I'm two bars away from being an emcee. I swear to God."

3. Bi-Winning

The third reason you should get Stoned Genius is because Charli2na is on it. Most people already know about him already from things like Jurassic 5 and the solo stuff, so on the "Bar Catchers" record, I feel like I'm the first one to [capture] a side of him that people didn't know he had. I figure when most people think of Charli2na, they think of fun, really positive stuff, but I got him to [bring out his grimy side]. I wanted him to let his guard down and let him do what he does too.

4. Stone Cold

The fourth reason you should get Stoned Genius is because we're all stoned geniuses. For those that don't know, I'm a super pothead. And for those out there that don't smoke, it's still relevant to you for the simple fact that [although] they say weed alters the mind, anything anyone is interested in stimulates the mind too. I figure us all being free spirits and have our own free will, we're all geniuses in our own right. Some are more stoned than others, but we're all stoned.

5. Knock, Knock

The fifth reason you should get Stoned Genius is because if you don't, we're gonna come and get you in the nighttime and you know what [will happen]. If someone doesn't have this album, they'll tell you how we got at them. I don't want to put it all out there. You'll see. They'll be like, "Sh*ttttt, I had no choice but to get it!"

You Decide. Will you purchase Stoned Genius?

To preview/purchase the album, just click here.

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