News: "So Many N*ggas In This [Rap] Sh*t Is P*ssy"

Monday, Jan 23, 2012 9:06AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Freddie Gibbs recently talked about the "gangster" label in hip-hop and why he does not mind getting painted as the music industry's bad guy.

Gibbs referenced hip-hop veteran Ice Cube as being an original gangster rapper and described his style of music.

"Do I embrace being a "gangsta" rapper? Yeah, that's the type of sh** I make. That's the type of sh** I came up on. It is what it is; I ain't trippin'. There's nothing wrong with being labeled a "gangsta" rapper; that's the type of sh** I make. Look at Ice Cube, he's a gangsta rapper. He's versatile. Look at how far he's gone in the entertainment world. He's blossomed and he's grown. I don't think the term handicaps me in any way, whatsoever. I think it can actually help me. Especially, due to the fact that so many n****s in this sh** is p****. So, when you got a whole bunch of p**** a** n****s rappin' and a couple of real n****s, you know you stand out. So, I think it's great. It's fun being Gangsta Gibbs." (BallerStatus)

A couple years ago, West Coast rapper Game singled out self-proclaimed "gangsta" rappers.

"All these people thinking they're gangsta. And after the Rick Ross song ["B.M.F."] everybody thinking they're Big Meech again, Larry Hoover," Game explained in an interview. Nobody really should wanna be that or aspire to be that 'cause you're gonna end up in a coffin. And trust me, man, most of these rappers, outside of me, 50 [Cent], and maybe Waka Flocka and some other muthaf*ckas, ain't never felt bullets man, ain't never had a brush with really actually having your life erased. So a lot of these rappers out here playing, man; that's just not the message I'm trying to send across no more." (Complex)

G-Unit's 50 Cent previously said rappers were using false tales to create a hardcore image of themselves to fans.

"It'll just make room for you to impact when [the hardcore] comes back," 50 assessed. "No one told the world to enjoy that [softer] music temporarily. I think a big portion of why people didn't want to hear the aggressive content is because the people conveying them were lying." (MTV)

Recently, Gibbs hit up SOHH and talked about his Young Jeezy collaboration, "2's & Fews."

"I thrive on being an artist that has the ability to do things in rap that we ain't seen in a long time. One minute you might see me doing a record with Dom Kennedy then [I] turn around and do a record with Young Jeezy. You know what I mean? I can fill different positions in the game and still be effective. I think that's my strong point. The track with me and Jeezy off my mixtape A Cold Day in Hell is called "2's and Fews" and it's dope. It's produced by this dope producer named SC, y'all look out for him. He got some heat. It's a hard record ... this is a track that people are gonna definitely embrace. It's definitely a change-up and something different for Jeezy ... it's gonna kind of remind you of ... well, I ain't gonna tell you what it's gonna remind you of, but people are gonna f*ck with it." (SOHH Singled Out)

Check out some recent Freddie Gibbs footage below:

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