5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Snookify Me!": "All Of Your Friends Can See The 'Jersey Shore' Version Of You!"

Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for GreatApps.com Team

[With "Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D signing to G-Unit and cast member Snooki recently gracing Rolling Stone, the GreatApps.com team has provided 5 Reasons why you should buy the new "Snookify Me!" app.]

1. I Know You Love Me

First reason you should get the app is because you can look like the famous "Jersey Shore" star in just seconds! Snookify Me! takes the most popular of Snooki's clothes, hairstyles, sunglasses, jewelry and allows you to put them on photos of you, and your friends. This guarantee's a lot of good laughs. This is not just a regular Photoshop feature where you can go on and change a couple features. There's various different features where you can change the hair, accessories, skin coloring and other cool things. It opens up more than what you could get from a typical Photoshop face-altering option.

2. Bucks Of Fun

Reason number two is because of all the features. You can wear some of the most famous Snooki outfits including her animal prints. Get a tan within seconds without a sweat. It works with photos taken with your device camera or from your photo gallery. You can save results to your photo gallery. You can even upload images to the built-in Snooki Gallery and allow others to rate them using the special Pickle rating system. You can take an actual photo from your phone and go right to it and change things. You can take a photo of yourself right now and change it or go to Facebook or any other site with photos, upload it and use that one.

3. Sharing Is Caring

The third reason is because you can show everyone your new look. This app allows direct sharing options with Facebook and Twitter. This way all your friends and followers can see the new "Jersey Shore" version of you. Each week a winning photo is chosen and posted to the app's website. I can only imagine the winners will likely be the funnier photos so be sure to check out the developer's website.

4. V-Day Loving

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching it might be a perfect time to give your profile picture a quick makeover. Snookify Me! Can help you gain all of Snooki's wanted features. So go to Facebook or wherever you keep your photos, take your favorite ones and change them to impress that special somebody. We'd recommend women trying to impress a potential Valentine to put on accessories that Snooki would wear. It may look really funny but could work in drawing that person closer to you and thinking you're intriguing.

5. How Much Do You Want Me?

It's not every day that you see a TV reality star have a bestselling book. This app might give you the opportunity to have the popularity you have always wanted. She's created her own little market and her own brand. That's kind of something where you're seeing this person who has taken their popularity level up. This app gives you a chance to really show support for Snooki.

You Decide. Will you purchase Snookify Me!?

To preview/purchase Snookify Me!, just click here.

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