5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Skinny Bitch Apparel": "They Work W/ Some Designers Who Make Earrings & Rings Out Of Legos"

Friday, Jan 20, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Baiyu

[With the fashion game intensifying on a daily basis, Skinny Bitch Apparel brand ambassador Baiyu gives ladies her Top 5 reasons to get with a winning clothing line.]

1. Visionary Warfare

I think one of the top reasons is just that it's such a small niche group of people that have really brought this vision to everyone. It actually started off on the West Coast, so I think for them to reach out to me in the East Coast as a brand ambassador just goes to show you how cool these guys are. Skinny Bitch was actually started by a woman who used to be the director of marketing at American Apparel. I love the fact there is this clothing line focused on bringing a new brand out.

2. Run This Town

I think the second reason is because it's a new brand but then at the same time, it's already caught so much attention. If you go on to the site now, you'll see a lot of brands that are kind of like what you would see at KarmaLoop per se, where [they aggregate different trends to be found in one place]. It's a shop where they go out and pull the latest trends but at the same time, they are able to create new products. They're all about coming up with new ideas. I know one of them was to come up with a recyclable bracelet, meaning they're actually cutting up used coffee bags and making it into a really hip bracelet. So the fact that they're so young and creative gives them an edge.

3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I think that even though a lot of what they pull for their brands isn't always their own original product, they have such great tastes in what they feel the consumer will love. They're really on top of their game in terms of fashion. They also work with some designers who are making earrings and rings out of Legos. I believe some of those pieces will be a part of the SOHH giveaway as well. Not only are they being innovative with their jewelry and their clothes, but they're also going out and searching for people in the fashion industry that are doing something really fun and unique.

4. Social Reign

I think another reason why Skinny Bitch Apparel is super hip is because they're all over social media. I met the founder and creative director [during] Social Media Week. So not only are they all over Twitter, but they also have a Tumblr account. It's interesting to follow their progress. You can go on Facebook, go on Twitter, go to their Tumblr and just see their perspective of not only what's new and hip with their brands but also what they think is cool and what they think the new trends are for each year.

5. Ask About Me

I would like to think that the final reason why you should buy Skinny Bitch Apparel is because I'm their brand ambassador. I think it's really cool, as I said earlier, that they picked somebody from the East Coast even though they're a West Coast centered brand. I think they really saw something unique in that I'm an Asian-American person in that urban state and I'm rocking and swagging out a style that they're swagging out, too. I'm hitting that young, fresh crowd and so I think it's really cool that they picked me to represent their brand.

You Decide. Will you purchase Skinny Bitch Apparel?

To check out Baiyu modeling Skinny Bitch and check out the selections, just click here.

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