5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "RepJa": "It Represents An Island That Reaches Beyond Its Region"

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012 12:05PM

Written by SOHH for Omar Thomas & Prince Graham

[With their RepJa clothing line getting co-signs by elite artists like Wiz Khalifa and Mya, owners/founders Omar Thomas and Prince Graham give you their Top 5 reasons why this gear is very necessary for any wardrobe.]

1. It's A Different World

The number one reason I would say you want to RepJa and pick up the product is due to the fact that it's something different. There's a coalition between hip-hop and Jamaica. You can even go back to Kool Herc, he's Jamaican. So there's that combination of once you're representing Jamaica, you're representing hip-hop. It's going into a deeper core and meaning. It's just an expression of the music with this brand. -Prince

2. The Unspoken Truth

It basically represents a set of people who are unspoken for. There are a lot of Caribbean Americans that don't have anything to relate to. We grew up in New York. I'm from Jamaica but I grew up in New York. Prince also grew up in New York. He's currently there right now and I'm in Atlanta. So we didn't have anything to represent our culture and where we're from. We don't wear the red, gold and green. I don't have any culture-type apparel in my closet and any brand that tries to do that comes out with the expected. So we wanted something to represent the Caribbean as something we grew up with and what we used to wear. Or what we wear on a regular basis. We don't wear the red, gold and green on a regular basis. So it represents a set of people who want to represent their culture but in a modern way. We want to be fresh with it. -Omar

3. You Like My Style

The third reason why you want to RepJa is because it's something that stands out and is for anybody. Everyone's always complaining about how everyone looks the same. We want RepJa to be something where even if you're not Caribbean, you can put on the shirt and feel Jamaican or feel like you're a part of the Caribbean. It's like putting on an expression. So it's something exclusive. -Prince

4. Indie 500

The fourth reason is because we're straight independent. We're not trying to be like anyone else. We're actually trying to create our own lane and doing this for the culture and not just trying to make money. It's really about setting the standard. We're showing you can have quality things coming out of the Caribbean. A lot of the times, things coming out of the Caribbean don't really have the quality and it looks a little bootleggish. We're trying to set a standard. We want to show people that there's something coming out of the Caribbean and it's quality and nothing cheap compared to what's already been done. -Prince

5. Swagger Jackin'

It represents a culture of people. It represents an island that reaches beyond its region. Right now, Caribbean, Jamaican, influences other countries. A lot of countries are pulling something from our culture. So this is the one thing that everyone can relate to. We're not making a brand that "only" Caribbeans can wear. Right now we're making a brand that has some of its biggest purchases coming from international people that relate to the brand. It's crossing all barriers. People who appreciate reggae and the Caribbean lifestyle, this is for them but with a modern twist. -Omar

You Decide. Will you purchase RepJa?

To check out and buy RepJa, just click here.

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