News: Prodigy Reveals Secret To Battling Sickle Cell Disease, "I Had Many Years When I Was Slippin'" [Video]

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 10:27AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Mobb Deep's Prodigy recently opened up about his battle with sickle cell disease and how he has managed to stay in top shape balancing health concerns with a successful rap career.

Capital P credited his recent four-year stint behind bars for making him refocus on taking health seriously.

"To me, it's a blessing from God, number one," P said in an interview. "Secondly, I take care of my health. I don't f*ck around. I learned how to do that of that a long time ago. There was years I was slippin'. I had many years where I was slippin'. I fell off of my health sh*t. I was drinking and doing all the wrong sh*t. When I got locked up, it actually helped me get my sh*t back together because you ain't got access to none of that sh*t no more and plus, when you're in jail, that's the worst place you could ever be to have sickle cell. You will die in that motherf*cker. Them n*ggas don't care if you screaming in pain. If they don't see blood, if they don't see you unconscious with blood, they not taking you to the hospital. So, I had to get myself together. I had to get my health together to make sure I wasn't going to get sick in there. I started working out. I was eating right, drinking mad water and just doing what I had to do to stay healthy." (This Is 50)

Last spring, Prodigy told SOHH one big reason fans should support his My Infamous Life autobiography is to learn about his battle with sickle cell.

"The second reason is that [I discuss] my personal history especially how I grew up and dealt with Sickle-Cell Anemia. You'll see how I learned how to overcome the health issues and how I learned to defeat it through dieting and changing my lifestyle. I really tried to better myself as a person and you'll see all the challenges I went through with all of that. Also in the book, I talk about my struggles with spirituality and God because of my health. As a real young child, I had problems in believing in God. I used to ask God for help a lot when I was going through a lot of pain as a kid. I wasn't receiving that help. I had a hard time in believing in God and you see how I overcame it and realize everything is for a reason. My pain is for a reason. It gives me certain lessons in life." (SOHH 5 Reasons)

In May, the Mobb Deep member killed rumors claiming he was battling health problems.

"Dont know why people think im sick/in hospital.....false info. Strange how that happens. Im strong as crazy shape.," he tweeted Saturday (May 7). (Prodigy's Twitter)

Following P's release from jail, Dipset's Jim Jones told SOHH how in shape he was.

"I got Prodigy on my new Capo album," Jones told SOHH. "Me and P have already been in the studio. He came in the studio and didn't leave until 7:30 AM [yesterday] morning. He was doing his thing. He looks good. Prodigy looks like he got his weight up, he's in shape and it looks like he's got his mind right. He looks like he's been reading his books in there, the raps are on point, the flow is good, shouts to P. RSV-P and all that. Prodigy, P, you heard me?" (SOHH)

Check out Prodigy's interview below:

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