Singled Out: "It's A Mixtape, But It Sounds Like An Album"

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 1:18PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Uzoy

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Yo Gotti got to the bottom of his Rick Ross-assisted anthem "Harder," underground Houston artist Uzoy (pronounced "Uzi") discusses her track "Fast Foward."]

How the [Def]inition project came about was weird. I was just recording music and as I knocked out the songs, I knew how I wanted it to sound.

It's a mixtape, but it sounds like an album. I guess all mixtapes try to do that these days, but it's really just original music. There are two freestyles on there, but all original beats and it's put together in an album format.

When I started working on it, I was just making songs or whatever, but things just fell into place. The flow of it works.

"Fast Forward" was produced by Kajmir Royale, he's a producer out in Colorado. The song is about me, and at that time, I was in a group with my friends and I felt like I was the only one really moving and really pushing, which was really frustrating. Besides me, it was all guys, so I guess it's kinda hard for them to be behind a girl, you know?

It's about moving forward in what I see happening to me musically ... I'm just talking about all sorts of stuff. I'm a loner because now I don't have the other artists with me, it's just me doing my thing, so that's what I'm talking about in the first verse. The second verse goes into my struggle and grind as far as music.

I'm just appreciative to anyone who gives new music a chance. When I first started, I was told my style doesn't really go with the "Houston sound." So a lot of people were telling me it wouldn't work as far as telling me, "Oh, you might have to move to New York." But the listeners are eatin' it up. So it's a good feeling to get love from your hometown.

Check out "Fast Forward" below:

Uzoy is an up and coming artist from Houston, Texas. Her mixtape, The [Def]inition, was featured by the popular hip hop website

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