Underrated: "There's Gotta Be Somebody Willing To Stand For Something"

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012 12:00AM

Written by J. Bachelor for Mysonne

[When I Get Free: Each week, SOHH asks entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After singer/actress Baiyu crowns Shyne SOHH Underrated, NY rapper Mysonne explains why the outspoken rapper is a dying breed in rap music.]

Mysonne (SOHH Underrated)

For the new people who are getting in touch with me, I wanted to give them a chance to understand what it was that I'm going through and really walk with me through certain things and really get to know who I am.

You hear the music and people just don't understand certain principles that I stand for that other artists don't. To understand the music they've gotta get in tune with who I am.

I have long standing followers and I've actually accumulated alotta the youth over the past few years. it was a hard transition because I still have what you would call "Old School Principles." The phrase popular phrase now is "Money Over Everything," and I definitely understand that money is a necessity, but it shouldn't be the basis for everything you do.

I can't sell nothing but me. And sometimes as artists, we try to figure out how to fit in as opposed to creating our own niche. It's alotta people that think like me, they just don't have nobody to follow. They don't have nobody that's willing to say the things I'm willing to say. So for those people, I'm the spokeperson.

You look at the people that follow Lupe Fiaco -- they're not the same people that may follow Kanye West. Everybody has their set of followers. People actually want to hear words that make sense and not just words that rhyme. [Listeners] want to hear artists that are going to say what they are thinking. For example, putting Lil B in the top 10 rappers or XXL Freshman, is a mockery of Hip Hop. So if I say, "I'm never gonna buy another XXL Magazine," everybody is not willing to say that.

I'm willing to sacrifice the fact that I may never be in another XXL Magazine again for that statement because there's gotta be somebody willing to stand for something.

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