Singled Out: "We're Giving People That Picture Of, 'D*mn A Girl Can Be That Dirty?'"

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012 5:45PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Marcus Manchild

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After hip-hop pioneers Dres & Jarobi explained why listeners should "Pardon The Interruption", Houston rapper Marcus Manchild explores the concept behind the Slim Thug-featured track, "We Wrong".]

Everybody's met that girl who may have a man, but he's too busy. She could be married, he might be a business person on the road so he's not there every day, or when he is there, he's not tryna give her the attention she wants.

That's when that other dude comes in and he takes over that responsibility. You know what I'm sayin'? It happens like 24/7 around the county and probably around the world. So this song us giving our insight on how we felt because [Slim and I] both have probably been in that situation. Picking a feature for my songs is really an AMG team thing. We all sit down, listen to the track and really go off of whoever fits that track.

This one is a playeristic kinda track, and I had heard songs Slim did where he was talkin' about the same stuff. He was a good fit for the song and he went in and did his thing.

We're giving people that picture of, "D*mn a girl can be that dirty?" It's a picture of what could really happen if you're too busy to spend time with your girl. And that can happen to a woman. If you're too busy, don't get mad at us when we start messin' around and get one of these other ones on the side.

I've been that dude who's actually went in and did that. But I hope I haven't had it done to me, but karma is a motherf*cka, though [laughs].

We wrong, but hey.

Check out "We Wrong" featuring Slim Thug below:

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