SOHH Whatcha Think: Big Meech Kills 'BMF Wives' Reality Show Talk + Is This Video Vixen's A** Killin' The Game?!

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012 7:55AM

Written by Jeezis Peace a.k.a Reality Bites

Remember when you actually had to have talent to be on television. You started with a dream, developed that dream into a skill and if you were extremely talented (and lucky) maybe you were given the opportunity to share that skill with the world. Yeah. Well those days are gone.

Now, you don't even have to be talented. I swear, they'd put out a show called Weezy's Cousin if they thought people would watch. What does Weezy's cousin do? Nothing. Who is Weezy's cousin? He's Weezy's cousin, son! Now sit yo black a** down and watch as cameras follow him around Nawlins. Anyway, I'm glad to see this proposed BMF Wives show has been aborted, Big Meech, although incarcerated, spoke through his mother and said the show did not have his, nor the BMF's support.

Reality television junkies were please to hear about another possible wives show to add in the mix of current programs this week, with rumors of a "BMF Wives" show being shopped around. While the series starring four ladies reported to be connected with members of the BMF (Black Mafia Family) looked promising, Big Meech's (the founder of BMF) family and CEO of BMF Entertainment, Tammy Cowins, have broken their silence and spoke on the show. Speaking with StraightFromTheA, the family revealed they are not working on a reality show.(Vibe)


Let's just keep it trill: These chicks just wanted a TV series to have an excuse to shout, throw water in each others' faces and show off their purses.

In a recent interview, Tammy Cowins, CEO of BMF Entertainment, insisted the company is focused on making a movie and not a reality show.

"I OWN BMF Entertainment... "I" Tammy Cowins! And we're not trying to have our brand associated with a reality show. Meech's mom wants to talk to you so she can get it out there and I want to get it out there that you've talked to the owner of BMF entertainment and the movie is in full swing ahead and we're not sure where these fictitious rumors are coming from.(Hip Hop Wired)

Crisis averted. Too much fake reality on television anyway. I'd rather see more of this, video model and author Bubbles, whose photos recently came to my attention.


See. This is talent. You know she write, too, right? Booty and brains -- a winning hand.


Fellas, hit her up on Twitter @ModelBubbles.

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