Singled Out: "We Reached Out To 2 Chainz & He Jumped On It & Red Cafe Reached Out To Me"

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2012 12:05AM

Written by J. Bachelor for King Louie

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Diddy Dirty Money's Dawn gives her heart to the music with the track "Save Me from You", King Louie and Lawless Inc. leader John Monopoly explains why the Chicago spitter is "Too Cool".]

King Louie: "Too Cool" is a fun song, it was produced by the Hustle Squad. When I first got the track, it reminded me of that LL Cool J song, "I'm Going Back to Cali".

We were at one of my homie's cribs and he had shot me the beat and I wanted to have fun with it. It sounds like a radio song and not like all my other stuff that's kind of hard and all that. This is a party joint. The song is low key, like it's an old joint for me ... my people been heard it but the response that I got when the people first got a taste of it was dope. Red Cafe called in and said he wanted to be on the track and I appreciate him for that.

John Monopoly: I have a relationship with Red and we also have a relationship with 2 Chainz so his management team and his label, Lawless Inc. kind of stepped in because we wanted to make sure the record was as big as possible so we reached out to 2 Chainz and he jumped on it and Red Cafe reached out to me.

King Louie: It doesn't take me no time to write songs. A song like this comes easy, because it's like [describing] a regular day for me, ya feel me? I could tell you a million things about myself, easy so if I'm rapping about what I'm living I can talk about 24 years worth of stuff.

I'm a gumbo artist: I got a little bit of this and that. Alotta everything. One minute I might feel R&B-ish and do something slow or another day I might wanna stunt. I don't look at myself as a gangster rapper or a backpack rapper: I'm just good with words.

King Louie is a 24-year-old rapper from Chicago. In addition to "Too Cool," mixtapes and collaborations, Louie is the flagship artist on the newly-formed label, Lawless Inc.

Check out "Too Cool" remix featuring 2 Chainz and Red Cafe:

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