News: Pastor Troy Falls On Hard Times, Appears On TV's "Judge Alex" Court Show [Video]

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 9:54AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Times are tough these days and rappers are not exempt as seen this week with Southern hip-hop artist Pastor Troy getting spotted on televised courtroom show "Judge Alex."

Footage and details of Troy's appearance began circulating online Monday (January 23) afternoon.

Roderick says he hired his former best friend Pastor to perform a music concert at an event he was promoting. He says the concert was canceled because Pastor was arrested. Roderick says he rescheduled the concert only to have Pastor bail on him again! Pastor says he was receiving death threats and for his safety and for the audience safety he thought it was best not to show up. (Broken Cool)

On the show, Troy defends his decision for snubbing the Georgia concert promoter.

"This club where he's having this event at is in August, Georgia," explained the "Are We Cuttin'" rapper. "This city, Augusta, Georgia, and I have a history of just violence and negativity. Somebody just got shot at the club the weekend before I was supposed to be there." Troy's manager explained that if he knew the club was so close to Augusta, he never would have booked the show. "That makes all the difference in the world?," said Judge Alex. "People who want pop a cap in you aren't going to drive 20 minutes?" You can't make this stuff up. At least Passa had the smarts to keep his big @ss championship belt at home. But, this is also were we mention that the rapper was born in Augusta and reportedly attended Paine College, which is in...Augusta. (Hip Hop Wired)

While the concert promoter wanted Troy to cough up $5,000, Judge Alex said he only had proof for a fraction of the alleged amount owed.

"The numbers matter, so you have evidence of two thousand dollars. ... In the line of work you're in like the line of work I'm in, there's some danger involved. You've got to pick your venues. I get called for speaking engagements. I'm not going to speak at a prison because that's where I put a lot of people -- and you've got to pick the places you do your shows to make sure you're performing as an artist as long as you can. So in this case, it's the judgement for the plaintiff of two thousand dollars, good luck in your careers." ("Judge Alex")

Troy is most known for busting out onto the hip-hop scene over a decade ago.

Recognized for the lyrical self-consciousness, thoughtfulness, and sincerity he injects into his otherwise standard approach to Dirty South rap, Pastor Troy stood out among the masses of up-and-coming Southern MC trying to break out nationally in the early 2000s. Born Micah LeVar Troy on November 18, 1977, in the College Park suburb of Atlanta, GA, he grew up under the influence of his father, Alfred Troy, a principled man of Haitian descent who is a former drill instructor turned pastor. Street culture, and specifically rap music, also influenced Pastor Troy when he was a teenager at Creekside High School and, later, a student at Payne College. (All Music)

Check out a portion of "Judge Alex" below:

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