News: Olivia, Fred The Godson Pair Up For Beasty Mixtape

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012 2:25PM

Written by J. Bachelor

Out to prove that she's more than a former G-Unit casuality, singer/reality star Olivia has teamed up with 2011 XXL Freshman Fred the Godson for an upcoming mixtape.

The collabo project, titled Beauty and the Beast, is set to be released this Valentine's Day and features the recently released track, "Freshy."

Olivia is back in 2012 as stated with her controversial interview with Funkmaster Flex with a brand new track with Fred The Godson called 'Freshy'. The song goes into the intricate details of the life of a celebrity that lives like 'Dwayne Wade' and 'Serena Willams' as stated in the second verse by Fred The Godson. This track is super dope with Olivia on the hook spitting some hot bars and letting us know that she likes to stay 'Freshy'.(Stupid Dope)

Earlier this month, Olivia told audiences she had something big in the works during her highly publicized interview with Funkmaster Flex.

Last night (Jan. 23) on the season finale of Love & Hip-Hop, viewers witnessed Olivia confront New York City DJ Funkmaster Flex about their checkered past. Apparently, the singer and Flex were once cool but their signals got crossed after she departed from G-Unit. They shared some disses and slick talk but were eventually able to reconcile and bury the hatchet.(Vibe)

In the past, Olivia has explained why she believes her music has failed to connect with mainstream listeners.

"You couldn't get to know me period when I was at J Records because I was just starting and everybody was trying to give me a direction that they wanted me to do. And the other label, I just had to conform to being around a bunch of rappers, so you definitely couldn't get to know me then either. I had to be able to fit in with them. So nobody really knows what the real Olivia is, but now you'll be able to tell when you hear the album. We actually did not intend for ['Take It Off'] to be the first single, we don't know how it leaked. But either way, it worked out great. The play has been wonderful and the responses have been great and everybody's loving it. So it's a good thing that it was leaked...I work ahead of time, I don't play when it comes to my music. The album was already done." (Baller Status)

Fred the Godson spoke to SOHH last year after scoring a spot on the cover of XXL Magazine as part of their 2011 Freshman package. The Bronx MC said he believed in the benefits remaining diligent in his craft.

"There's a million of us rapping and a million of us putting in work and you get rewarded. That right there was a reminder that my hard work is paying off. I look at everybody but I just zoom in on myself and I'm like, "D*mn." There's a million people out there that want to be in [my] position and so it showed me that I'm doing my thing and doing something right. To be on the cover of XXL, that's huge." (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out Olivia and Fred on the track "Freshy," below:

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