News: Nas Tells Young Money Protege To Work Hard, "Out Of The Blue, He Called Me"

Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 1:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Rap veteran Nas may be pushing into his 40's but God's Son is still up on the hip-hop newcomers as Young Money protege Tyga Tyga has dished out details on some advice he got from the Def Jam star.

Along with advice, Tyga said he also got Nas to contribute vocals to a new record.

"Yeah man, I sent Nas a song like six months ago and I never heard back from him but out of the blue, he called me like, 'Yo, you doing your thing. I want to be a part of what you doing, I like everything you doing. Keep working hard," Tyga tells XXL. "I sent him the 'Kings and Queens' that night and he did it the next day. I was like, that sh*t is crazy. Nas always talks that sh*t. The song, man, [his bars] added the cherry on top. It's a real classic song. People are gonna like it. I wanna think of a dope video. The storyline of the song, the whole King and Queens [theme], it's motivational." (XXL Mag)

Last September, Nas defended his co-sign of Odd Future's Frank Ocean and spoke on other contenders being less than stellar artists.

"Frank Ocean is just a new gust of wind to move things out the way and give us something new," the "Nasty" MC previously told Billboard of the Odd Future crooner, who's worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyoncé. During a recent interview with Toronto's Flow 93.5, he elaborated on who he was referring to, saying, "Just the garbage, the garbage pail kids out there that's everywhere." The discerning Nas bestowed praise on the "Novacane" singer. "Everybody just don't have it, so somebody that comes out like Frank Ocean and does it his way and sings his way, it's fresh, it's good for the game," he explained. (Rap-Up)

Earlier in the summer, Odd Future's Hodgy Beats said the group's Nas collaboration was in the works.

In a recent phone conversation, Odd Future/MellowHype rapper Hodgy Beats revealed that he, Odd Future figurehead Tyler, the Creator, and OF R&B singer Frank Ocean are working on a song with Queensbridge rap legend Nas. (Nas had previously announced plans to collaborate with Frank Ocean.) Talking about the track, Hodgy mentioned that it's still in progress and that he hasn't met Nas yet; Ocean is the one putting the track together. Hodgy says, "The song is almost finished; we're just waiting on a verse... I'm just stoked to be on a song with [Nas]." (Pitchfork)

With his "Rack City" anthem continuing to gain mainstream buzz, Tyga recently discussed making a name for himself stemming from Los Angeles.

"It means a lot to be able to get that love. It's much easier now, because there's a lot of talent out there now, but early on, it was hard to get that support from LA if you weren't a straight gangster rapper like Snoop [Dogg] or some sh*t like that. It was dumb, because there's so many creative artists out there doing way different things that don't want to talk about that stuff. It's real important, though. You've got to start somewhere and have a homebase. I love doing shows in California and the West Coast, period. To go to other places and get that same love is always shocking to me. I never know what to expect, but the shows are always just as crazy." (Complex)

Check out Tyga's "Rack City" music video down below:

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