5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Man Vs. Many": "This Might Come Across A Little Arrogant But I Really Feel Like..."

Monday, Jan 30, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Nefew

[With the winter getting colder each passing day, rapper Nefew is whipping out his Top 5 reasons you should keep warm with his blazing Man Vs. Many album.]

1. Overseas Swag

First of all, if you look at hip-hop today, people try to follow a certain trend. Looking at it from the outside, especially with a European perspective, I see a lot of artists and producers working on music that sounds alike. We try to make music that sounds different. It's the way that we tackle the music, it's the way we handle the music, it's the fact that we're just not using samples and presets on keyboards. We like to play our own instruments. We like to challenge ourselves lyrically. We're trying to go back into storytelling. Having content and messages in the music is our goal. This is why I believe people should really get acquainted with our music.

2. Check Out My Melody

Another big reason is because the music is accessible to many. We don't try to follow a trend. Our inspiration comes from punk rock, jazz, soul and we've taken all of those elements, mixed them together to create something new. Especially when it comes to me, my passion is soundtracks. When you listen to the music, the way we arrange it, it's very soundtrack-like. We have melodies. This is what we build our music on. It's the melody. It's why I think a lot of people can identify themselves with the music because you don't have to be a hip-hop fan to appreciate the music. It's just music. Obviously we rap on our music but if you take away the raps, you just have music. I think a lot of people can find themselves into that music.

3. The Force Is Strong

The third reason you should buy the album is because the music is not forced. We don't try to be someone we're not. People can tell that we have fun by doing music. It's a fun thing and I think people can tell when they listen to our music that it's not forced.

4. A-B-C, Easy As 1-2-3

This might come across a little arrogant but I really feel like people can actually learn some stuff when they listen to the music. We tackle everyday problems, everyday struggles. Especially stories for people who try to live their dreams but don't know how to exactly do it. We can tell them our story on how we did it. I think people identify themselves with how we do things. People can really learn something from our music.

5. Remember Back In The Days

The last thing, which I feel is most important, is that we try to still please the core element of hip-hop. There's lyricism and there's message. It's just looking how we came up in hip-hop. We used to be breakdancers and have grown. Hip-hop fans can appreciate this and see how we've stuck to those early elements of lyricism and messages.

You Decide. Will you buy Man Vs. Many?

To preview/purchase the LP, just click here.

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