News: Kreayshawn's Ex-White Girl Mob Member Speaks Out, "That Sh*t Was Hurtful"

Saturday, Jan 28, 2012 10:03AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Kreayshawn's ex-White Girl Mob group member Lil Debbie has come forward to address recent remarks by V-Nasty claiming she is no longer down with the crew.

According to Debbie, their falling out happened as a result of Kreay's overnight success last year.

"This all had happened in L.A., like, I'm not going to lie - I lost it. It was so stressful! I mean, so much sh*t was going on! You know, it's so hard to get thrown in the middle all of this new stuff... I never dreamed of anything like this happening. We weren't ready for it. ... I'm not going to sit here and say I'm completely right in everything. Look, I lost my best friends and to see some of the things that they say about you in social media is hurtful. You just begin to question yourself, you know what I'm saying? You question who you are. Vanessa would call me up and be like, "B*tch, nobody knows you, they only know you 'cause you look like Kreayshawn." That sh*t was hurtful!" (Karmaloop)

Debbie also said her role in White Girl Mob was reanalyzed, contributing to more internal conflict.

"I was on Twitter and I was like, "You know what? Even though all of this sh*t is going on, I am still going to support Vanessa and I am going to go buy her album" - I wrote that on my Twitter page and then one of my fans asked me if I'd seen the interview. When I read it I thought to myself, "Have I been in a fake friendship for all this time?" You know what I am saying? I was shocked. Crushed. ... Mostly the business side of it - they wanted me to be a DJ and I was like, "Yeah I can try it." But I didn't want to be a DJ, it wasn't my thing, and I didn't know how to tell Kreayshawn that. I didn't know how to communicate that to her, I didn't want to disappoint her. It was one of the major things that kind of changed our friendship." (Karmaloop)

Last month, V-Nasty detailed her departure from the three-member crew.

"She's currently not in the White Girl Mob. She got kicked to the curb! [This recently happened] on September 24th, Kreayshawn's birthday. You don't even wanna get me started! We had a show scheduled in Philadelphia and [Kreayshawn] also had something scheduled in L.A. two days later. Me and [Lil Debbie] were together and we missed our flight, so I get on the phone [with Kreayshawn] like, 'I'm coming' and [Lil Debbie's] like 'I'm coming.' Next thing you know, I hear her on the phone asking should she not come. Why shouldn't you come if it's your best friend's birthday? This is a show we're about to go perform. How you gonna cancel a show after she--just other sh*t! That b*tch gone, f*ck that!" (Complex)

In June, Kreay spoke on her White Girl Mob bringing back a sense of female unity to hip-hop.

"I know people are hating on The White Girl Mob, but we're not going after anyone's head, we're not trying to kill hip-hop or whatever people are trying to say. I'm just trying to make a new wave of girl empowerment and girl gang and new wave Spice Girls or some s**t like that. People read into it way too deep. They gotta remember that we're all kids just trying to have fun when it comes down to it." (VIBE)

Check out a recent Lil Debbie interview below:

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