5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Ivy Shades Eyewear: "I Can't Save Your Life, But I Can Save Your Face W/ These Shades"

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Ivy Shades

[With hip-hop and sunglasses existing practically hand in hand, Ivy Shades Eyewear founder/creator Ivy Shades gives you 5 reasons to check out her attention-drawing line.]

1. Fashion Police

I would say the first reason why people should buy Ivy Shades is because of the fashion. It is the brand that represents the unspoken style that some people only dream about. I make it into a reality. That's reason number one. The crazy thing is I don't check for anything. I've always been into shades for a very long time and people used to call me Miss Shades, jokingly. I had a shades fetish. When I shot a music video in 2010, I told myself, "You know what? I'm not going to buy anymore shades. I'm going to make my own." People laughed at me, even my entourage. So I started making stuff that I like. I don't go out and try to see what's popping. I make stuff that I like and fun.

2. The People

Reason two is because it's for the people. It's for the people all over the world. I empower the fashion forward and vision to blossom, to be who they really want to be without being ridiculed. I've shipped to Spain, I've shipped to Afghanistan and I've even shipped to Africa. We're actually shipping internationally and have been for the last year. I believe my eyewear has hit just about every state in the United States, maybe short of ten. I don't worry about if people are going to like or not like something. If I have an idea in my head and I think it'll look hot, I'm going to do it. I don't think twice with it. I do have an excellent staff and team. I may make 50 designs and only 10 come out from that. I make a lot of shades but now it's more about what's going to make the line since we're on such a bigger scale.

3. Trendsetter

Reason three is because this is a lifestyle. I don't think my brand will fade away. It is a trend that is here to stay. I love shades. The reason why I say this is a lifestyle is because it was my life before I dropped the limelight. I always felt that I needed shades to complete an outfit whether I'm going to laundromat or other places. I even have shades that I jog in. I have my jogging shades. I've made these shades so people can wear them the way I do.

4. Life Is Good

Reason four is life. I would say my brand has brought life back into eyewear game. Period. Me being me, I can't save your life but I can save your face with these shades. Ivy Shades is for people across the board. You just have to have a sense of style. You can't be scared of what people are going to think of you. If you want to rock Ivy Shades, rock Ivy Shades. Wear them to the fullest. When you get out of your car, you slam your door harder than you normally would. When you walk into the club or Starbucks or wherever you're going, you hold your head high. My eyewear fits anybody. If you think you'd look good in it, you'll look good in it. The models we have are regular people. We didn't go get Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell, not to say there's anything wrong with them because they're my idols, we have regular models. We've had models from teenagers to people in their 30's who have modeled the shades. If you go to the site, you're going to like what you see because everybody does. Pick whatever you feel is going to bring out your inner Beyonce. You've gotta get what you want to rock.

5. Worlds Of Fun

Reason five is because they're really fun. At the end of the day, I love what I do because I have a lot of fun with it and it's a lot of fun for me. I would say this represents crazy, sexy, cool. Most of all, it is all fun. My designs are fun and it's for people across the globe and all over.

You Decide. Will you purchase Ivy Shades Eyewear?

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