Singled Out: "I Remember I Played The Song Over At Dr. Dre Studio"

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 5:59PM

Written by J. Bachelor

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After underground Houston artist Uzoy (pronounced "Uzi") discusses her track "Fast Foward," Jeezy's artist 2Eleven gives us the info on one of his latest tracks.]

My project, Project of the Block 2 is on its way, it's the followup to the original project that I did back in 2008 which was basically one of my best street albums.

When I was just starting to do this music thing, that project solidified me as an artist, I did that first mixtape and when it was finished I was like, "I gotta catch up to these n*ggas."

The first Block mixtape just covered so much that I was trying to get out, so part two is gonna sum it up and come hard for 2012. I got some dope a** features on there: Freddie Gibbs, Jeezy, Mack Maine ... wait 'til this sh*t come out on February 11, I'm not even gonna give you anything else, just wait.

I gotta song called called "Airbound" produced by Justice League. My boy Omarion hopped on it ... it's real upbeat and motivational. It's some real life sh*t I'm saying on that record about what I've been through.

Me and Justice League go way back from when they were doing Jeezy's sh*t. I used to just be in the studio and be around. They heard me doing my thing and I got on their radar ... I was sent a bunch of beats and I just picked this one. The hook was already for the track was already written by Don Primo, who writes a lot for Justice League.

I got the song and it was just something else. I remember I played the song over at Dr. Dre studio with Slim the Mobster one night and I played that track, n*gga was just like, "Aw sh*t!" People are liking the track.

But basically, that's were I'm going with it. The new project has a lot of turned up music, that old, throwback 2Eleven and some motivational music.

Check out some footage of 2Eleven below"

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