Guest Star: "I Haven't Done A Video For Six Years Now & Yet I'm Still A Household Name"

Friday, Jan 6, 2012 4:00PM

Written by SOHH for Esther Baxter

[With her new "Can't Knock the Hustle" Two In The Shirt (T.I.T.S) t-shirts now available, former video vixen-turned-actress Esther Baxter reflects on her new collaboration and her past success in urban modeling.]

The "Can't Knock the Hustle" Two In The Shirt relationship came about because I've been in the urban modeling game for a while and I've been on top. I took a little break and was able to come back on top of the game. I have been in high demand since I started.

Even with me just switching over from urban modeling to the acting thing, a lot of people still know who I am and my story. They know I started from the bottom and really climbed to the top of the game. So when you're seeing "Can't Knock the Hustle," it's representing how I came to the top in urban modeling but I'm also on my way with the acting as well.

For the new shirts, we had did a lot of back and forth calls. They reached out to me through a friend of mine and they were really excited and wanted to do a collaboration for a shirt with me. It was basically something that was a long time coming.

We all came together and agreed on this "Can't Knock the Hustle" concept and it turned out great. They pretty much did exactly what we wanted them to do in terms of everything we needed them to from the shoot and it really came together nicely.

This was really our concept and Two In The Shirt came up with a couple of things and pitched in but it's something that we definitely brainstormed over. They loved the ideas that we were coming up with and it came down to, "Yeah, I've been in the game for a while."

I haven't done urban modeling for six years now, or videos, and yet I'm still a household name. A lot of people still know who Esther Baxter is and they still know, "Oh yeah, she was one of the top ones a lot of girls look up to."

They know all of that and so I've been able to keep that name and image even though I haven't done the modeling or music videos like I used to for awhile outside of recently doing the KING magazine cover. The reason we ended up doing that is because there was such a high demand of people from the fans that wanted to see me. They really wanted to see me on the cover of KING.

Other than that, I've really fallen back to focus on my career, my family and my son. I have a four year-old son now and my focus is really getting into acting.

While known for her former video vixen and urban modeling days, Esther Baxter has made the move out to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. To date she has appeared in "Speed-Dating" which won at the Pan African Film Festival with Wesley Jonathan, Holly Robinson Peete and was released in AMC theatres, "Just Another Day" with Wood Harris & Jamie Hector, "Video Girl" with Meagan Good which recently aired for a month on BET and was released in AMC theatres also. And they're all available on DVD! Next up is "Because I Love You" with Chico Benymon which is going to theatres in April, "Interludes" with Clifton Powell, and her first lead role called "12 Reasons Men Cheat" which will be shooting this spring. She also had a role on an episode of "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns."

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