Underrated: "I Felt Like He May Have Been Too Deep For The Crossover In Order To Push Units"

Thursday, Jan 5, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Rashaun Smith

[Da Rockwilder: Each week, SOHH asks entertainment personalities to name the most underrated emcees. After Vin Rock gave Method Man the title earlier this week, Lugz marketing director Rashaun Smith now crowns Redman SOHH Underrated.]

Redman (SOHH Underrated)

The most underrated? Wow. I might have to lean toward Redman. I'm not being biased because I'm a Jersey boy, but I think Redman should have had a bigger career than he [did].

When you listen to Red's first two albums, they were real albums from top to bottom. Even now, I feel like he knows how to put together a record. And he can really tell a story from top to bottom, but he doesn't really have those radio hits.

[If you're going on] a long trip and you can listen to a straight Redman album for five hours because he's going to tell you a story. I just think he didn't have the outward personality, or that limelight where they take it to the next level. Or you have those people that have those radio smashes.

However, from a record standpoint, I can listen to a Reggie Noble album from the top to the bottom and not really feel like, 'I need to skip that joint right there.' And so from an artist standpoint, I think he put out good albums but didn't get the notoriety.

Lyrically, I think he can hold his 16 bars with anybody. I just felt like sometimes he may have been too deep for the crossover in order to push units and, back in the day, let you end up on MTV so more people could hear about you.

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Check out Redman's music below:

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