5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Esther Baxter's T.I.T.S.": "You're Seeing [Her] W/ The Boombox & The Cigar Like Biggie"

Wednesday, Jan 4, 2012 12:25PM

Written by SOHH for Esther Baxter & Jennifer Horton

[As the cold weather begins to spread across the nation, model/actress Esther Baxter and her manager Jennifer Horton give you their Top 5 reasons to raise the temperature & get your hands on the new "Can't Knock the Hustle" Two In The Shirt collaborative clothing line.]

1. Hustler's Ambition

The first reason why you should buy is because if you're a fan of mine, [if] you love to see me on new things and support me, I'm on this shirt. A lot of people know what my grind was, being on all of these magazine covers, music videos and everything that I have done and then [now you can] support me with the new endeavors that are coming. This is the Esther Baxter brand. -Esther Baxter

2. I Gotcha

The shirt is really great for men and women. [We have] some really cute baby tees [in our line]. That's one of the main things that I definitely requested. I've noticed within the last few years, I've got a lot of female fans. Just looking on Twitter and all of that, I've been seeing there's so many females that are either into my cooking or want to get my recipes and things like that, then there are some are just fans of me who are really interested in what I'm doing and what I'm going to do next. So I requested that we make a baby tee made especially for the women as well. In addition to the white and black t-shirt, we also have a blue t-shirt and I actually like it a lot. It's a very nice color.   -Esther Baxter

3. Reasonable Doubt

A big reason is because of the "Can't Knock the Hustle" theme. That came about because Two In The Shirt wanted to go with a 1990's furs look and we kind of flipped that because we were like, "Let's make it [resemble] Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt [album cover]," or even Lil Kim but with that boss chick element so that it wouldn't just be Esther in a fur. I think the other thing about Esther is that she's always been very hands on with her shoots. One of the ways we flipped the whole fur idea was to give it that little context. T.I.T.S. were saying their male buyers really like to relate to the hip-hop culture, so when they came up with a few [slogans] and we picked, "Can't Kock the Hustle", it all kind of came together with that feel of when hip-hop had that edge. So you're seeing Esther with the boombox and the cigar like Biggie was [depicted] in those images [in the 1990's]. If anyone can be that boss chick, Esther could be that boss chick. We wanted to make sure the image reads that as opposed to, "Oh, I'm just a sexy chick on the couch with my fur in a mink." -Jennifer Horton

4. One In A Million

Another reason is because I really loved the "Can't Knock the Hustle" message. That completely matches everything that I'm trying to do. It's the whole story behind me going from the urban side of things to something that I felt was bigger and better, which is acting. -Esther Baxter

5. She'll Sign Your T.I.T.S. - No Nicki 

Another reason is because Esther is really out there and she likes to be interactive with the fans on Twitter. She's getting booked to do different release parties. She just hosted Complex magazine's holiday party. So one reason you should get the shirts is because she might be in your city and [you] could get an autograph. Esther wants to use this opportunity to get the shirts out, and [in the future], we're looking to have posters printed with the same image. -Jennifer Horton

You Decide. Will you purchase Esther Baxter's Can't Knock the Hustle T.I.T.S line?

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