5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Diary Of A Single Mom": "I've Been Putting Down Work From 'The 5 Heartbeats' To Everything In-Between"

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Robert Townsend

[With his new Diary of a Single Mom finally available for purchase, renowned actor/director Robert Townsend gives you his Top 5 reasons to add this flick to your DVD collection.]

1. Writings On The Wall

Reason number one is because the story is so well-written. It's written by Cheryl L. West and she's the writer of a film that I directed called Holiday Heart. She's a fine writer and I think the writing is superb. I really love telling stories. I was in awe of working with everyone. When you have a great script and you've got a solid cast, my job is easy as a director. The story really tells you what to do.

2. Hollywood Status

The second reason is because of the cast. There are some incredible performances starting with Monica Calhoun who plays one of the single mothers and then Billy Dee Williams is just an icon. Just to watch him in a performance that he's never done before is amazing. Then you have Richard Roundtree as an actor giving a performance that you've never seen. And then you have Leon in kind of a good guy role, I just think that the casting is really well done. The acting is a big reason.

3. Letter To All Mothers

For the third reason, I would say the subject matter. Single mothers don't get their praise, they don't get their dues. So I think that this story celebrates single mothers and for any single mothers out there and for those that have been raised by single mothers, that story will appeal to them. We're in a tough economy right now so anywhere we can get an inspirational message out there is important. We wanted to give a message of hope and that's what this film was ultimately about. This is a film for now.

4. You Like My Style

The fourth reason is because if you're a fan of Robert Townsend, I've been putting down work from the 5 Heartbeats to everything in-between. So if you're truly a fan, I think this is a film you'll really enjoy and really love.

5. We Make Movies

For the last reason, I think this film is just solid entertainment. I think we're in a day and age where people get movies and the quality is just not there. I think it is quality entertainment on all levels and I think that's why you should buy it.

You Decide. Will you purchase Diary of a Single Mom?

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