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Thursday, Jan 5, 2012 12:30PM

Written by SOHH for Pastor Jomo K. Johnson

[With his new Deadest Rapper Alive hip-hop awareness book available for retail, author Pastor Jomo K. Johnson dishes out his Top 5 reasons why you need to get your hands on the Lil Wayne-focused text.]

1. The Trinity

The first reason is because you're never going to read or find another book like Deadest Rapper Alive. I say this for many reasons. Number one, it's written by a hip-hop artist. I've done hip-hop in the past. We also did a hip-hop soundtrack to the book. I'm also a hip-hop fan and a student. I've studied hip-hop for a long time. I have a real good knowledge of how it began and the intricate aspects of it. I'm also a pastor. With those three combinations, you'll never find a book written by a pastor, hip-hop fan and artist. That reason of itself, just because of my background, is big.

2. Real, Raw & Uncut

Secondly, I would say that this book is the most complete and detailed book on the life of Lil Wayne that has ever been produced. I've looked at the other works on him which are simply biographical and describing his rise to fame. However, this book speaks about his childhood, his sexual abuse as a child, the hidden factors that have allowed him to become Lil Wayne. It is a social diagnosis of the person. This is also a spiritual critique of Lil Wayne. I'm not only coming at this from a social angle, but also a spiritual dynamic that enables me to see some things biblically that others wouldn't be able to see. I'm also looking at this on an unbiased level. I'm not one of those ministers who says "Hip-hop is from the devil." I'm not one of those guys.

3. In My Mind

I would say this is probably one of the most thorough understandings of the psychology of hip-hop. The book is not just about Lil Wayne. He is the focus of it but it shows how hip-hop is able to have such a tremendous impact on lives and it shows how hip-hop began. I actually go back to Melle Mel and Kool Herc and how they were the forerunners [of hip-hop]. So I'm going back and giving a real thorough timeline and chronology for hip-hop. That's something the reader will get. They'll be able to see the different turns and twists in hip-hop to what it is today.

4. You Must Learn

The fourth reason is because if you're a hip-hop fan and you have children who are teenagers, have younger siblings or have an influence on anyone that is a teenager, this is a must-read for you. It shows you some of the dangers of the philosophy of thinking that an artist like Lil Wayne is astounding. It shows you some of the side effects that will occur in your life because of these things. That's the motivation for why I wrote this. I was seeing the effects [hip-hop has] on urban youth. I was just seeing some real strange things [occurring] in their lives and the common thing was it wasn't just Lil Wayne fans but fanatics. So if anyone has a younger brother or a younger sister or teen or anyone who listens to Lil Wayne's music, then this is a must-read for them to be able to help them and instruct them on some of the dangers of this philosophy.

5. The Coming

I want to be careful how I say the fifth reason. The book does give a prophecy for 2012. I'm not going to give away the whole prophecy right now, but through all of my praying and fasting [while] putting together this book, I really sense the Lord communicating to me that 2012 is going to [bring] a dramatic change in the hip-hop industry. There are going to be some big things that happen. God, himself, is going to visit the hip-hop industry in 2012. People are going to hear this and think, "God has enough things to worry about other than hip-hop music," I used to think the same thing but hip-hop music is focused and targeted toward some of the youngest people. That's our youth. That's our children.

You Decide. Will you purchase Deadest Rapper Alive?

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