News: D'Angelo Asks How Does It Feel, Performs First Live Show In Over 10 Years [Video]

Friday, Jan 27, 2012 9:44AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fans of elusive singer D'Angelo have reason to get excited about his return to music after getting spotted performing live overseas this week for the first time in over a decade.

Footage of the soulful hitmaker's live set dropped on the Internet Thursday (January 26).

Earlier today, D'Angelo performed live at Filadelfiakyrkan (Google translation: Pentecostal Church) in Stockholm. A fan filmed the eight-minute video above, capturing the tail end of "Devil's Pie" and a long, head-banging version of "Chicken Grease." The Stockholm show is the first of 11 D'Angelo will perform on his European D-Tour, which runs through February. The tour is his first since 2000?s international Voodoo Tour. D'Angelo fans expect an album from the singer this year. Update: D'Angelo also debuted a new jam in Stockholm. (The FADER)

Last month, The Roots' Questlove spoke on D'Angelo heading overseas and being nearly finished with an upcoming solo album.

"He goes to Europe in January. The album is pretty much 97% done. He's just finishing his lyrics now. He needs somebody to smack him and take the record away from him because it's pretty much finished. But I know he must turn this record in like three days before Christmas and that his first show is in Europe, and that he's going to do a whole bunch. They even named it the Occupy Music Tour, so I know they're serious about it." (Pitchfork)

A couple years ago, R&B singer Lyfe Jennings gave SOHH his opinion on D'Angelo making a music comeback.

"I think it's great, man," Jennings told SOHH about Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo making music comebacks. "And I really hope they get the opportunity to come back because music is so finicky right now and when you look at the hope scope of where music has gone, it's really gotten away from the real messages and people, and you know, enabling people and their growth. This music should be right now. So with [them] coming back, I'm glad, I'm really glad, actually." (SOHH)

D'Angelo previously hinted at what fans could expect from him after a ten-year music gap.

"I think [originality] is out there, but there's a lot of folks, people in power, record executives or what have you, that are less willing to take chances on s**t that might be different," he explained in an interview. "But I think there's an underground bubbling up under. A lot of Black folks are trying to do different s**t or they wanna do different s**t. I don't know the condition of what's going on in the business right now, but they're having a hard time cracking through...I'm really just focusing on getting this album together...I just want them to know that I'm coming. That's all. I'm in the kitchen and I'm cooking up something real nice." (The Urban Daily)

Check out D'Angelo's performance below:

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