News: Charles Hamilton Makes A 'New' Hip-Hop Comeback, "I See The Future, I Be The Future" [Audio]

Monday, Jan 2, 2012 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Charles Hamilton has made his way back on the music scene with a new record called "Happy New Year", showing the elusive emcee spitting fresh bars entering 2012.

On the record, Hamilton paints the picture of New Year's Eve and reveals his disinterest in rushing out a new album.

"12/31/11, someone is reppin', gun shot, someone drops, they in heaven," Hamilton raps, "But it's New Year's, two beers/New fears, new broads with brassieres/And I'm trying to hit, slide in it/Vibe for a bit/Then we hit the crib -- I'm on 40-deuce doing flying and sh*t, looking at the ball, it's crystal/I see the future, I be the future, and we be music -- and my money right away, no C.O.D's, cop my CD, if I feel the need to drop one." ("Happy New Year")

The record is reportedly produced by music duo The Faculty.

Happy New Year pigeons!! I still feel like sh*t from last night but I saw some new CH floating around and decided to get the h*ll out of bed and take a listen. I hope he'll get back to his Hamiltonization ways this year. Not exactly the amount of projects, but the quality of music that he was putting out. In the meantime, here's some new sh*t from The Faculty (Chuck & Sha-Leik) called "Happy New Year". Enjoy! (Pigeons & Planes)

Last August, Hamilton teased fans by offering them new music if he got more Twitter followers.

"So who wants to hear some new music? I know it's been a good minute. I think I'll release something new when I hit 25,000 followers," he tweeted August 9th.
"Actually can we make something trend? I'll drop something for all my #Starchasers if we can make it trend.."
"#Starchasers Wow you guys are going in, huh? #Starchasers" I can't wait until you all hear the new music #Starchasers" (Charles Hamilton's Twitter)

He also put out an open apology letter discussing his whereabouts throughout 2011.

"If there's any statement I would like to make, I want to grossly apologize to my mother for my treatment of her for the last 7-9 years," he wrote in a letter. "And if we rewind a bit, I owe her about 12 years worth of apologies. I'm not worthy of the acclaim, so I'm not going for it anymore. If there's another song from me, it's not coming from the place it was once being projected from. Maybe jail did teach me a lesson. But I still have no right to treat my mother like she's a stranger. I kinda don't want to be on Facebook anymore after typing such, so if I'm slow to reply, you know why. So here's the low down on the new music. Written is 2 albums, and the final L Word. "My Heart" is out of my hands (get it now?), and one of the albums has a really deep title... F*ck it. "Hamilton" ... I will not comment on any artist(s), because I'm not in a space to say anything about them. Therefore, wait until you hear the new music to hear what I really ahve to say. I hate the color orange. If you've been to jail, you know why." (Where Is Charles Hamilton)

Check out "Happy New Year" below:

Charles Hamilton - Happy New Year by LitoStarr

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