SOHH Whatcha Think: Cam'ron Shares Some Big Booty Chick Pics + The Mom Cartagena Leaving Fat Joe?!

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 8:44AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

Love can be a funny thing: One day, you're sharing ice cream on a train ride to the Rucker and the next, your go to kiss your boo of 20 years and she's telling you to lean back. Fat Joe my n*gga, I hate it had to be him.


I'm hoping rumors of Lorena Cartegena, wife of Fat Joe, planning to divorce the Don C aren't true, but if they are, I think Seal may be looking for a roommate.

Bronx-born MC Fat Joe may be heading for divorce due to his infidelity, according to recent reports. The Terror Squad leader apparently has stepped out on his wife, Lorena Cartegena, one too many times, reveals. A couple for 17 years, the rapper, born Joseph Cartegena, is at the center of the divorce rumors as a result of his affair with a 26-year-old woman from Dubai. The mistress, who reportedly is known as "Ms. Dubai," has been involved with the 'Lean Back' creator for a year.(The Boombox)

Being a celeb with a wife has to be ten-times more challenging than being the average Joe and married; our question of the day: If you were to ever get rich & famous, would you tie the knot -- or live the Clooney (or Jeter) lifestyle>

Dah well. What can you do? In other news, I don't know if you f*ck with Twitter like that, but if you do, definitely follow @Mr_Camron. Dude has a nice little collection of big booty pics that he posts, reposts and shares with the e-world. Here are two that may be right-click worthy.

Cam Girl 2.jpg

How yo waist anorexic but yo a** is colossal.

Cam Girl 3.jpg

Think those jeans might be a little too sma...actually -- know what? They're perfect.

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