5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Bytox": "It Prevents The Person Drinking From Having A Hangover"

Monday, Jan 2, 2012 12:10PM

Written by SOHH for Dr. Grossman

[With partygoers still recovering from New Year's celebrations, medical expert/plastic surgeon Dr. Grossman gives 21+ year-olds his Top 5 reasons to pick-up a pack of Bytox to avoid falling victim to a brutal hangover.]

1. Pass The Courvoisier

The number one reason why you should get Bytox is because most people know when you have a hangover, there's really nothing out there that can fix it. I know there are some products out there that claim they will cure your hangover but they really don't work. I think all of us have had hangovers at some point in time and once you've got it, you can take all of the caffeine in the world, drink all the cups of coffee, have chicken soup, have your Tylenol and aspirin, but you're still going to have that hangover. The most important reason why Bytox was created was to help prevent the person who is going to be drinking from getting to the point of having a hangover. Of course you have to realize you need to drink responsibly. All of us more or less know where our threshold for drinking [lies]. If you're going to step over that threshold, then the chances are you will still have a hangover. But this patch will help because even if you go a little bit over your threshold, you should be fine.

2. Don't Swallow

Another big reason is because with a lot of other preparations, you have to swallow. If you already have a hangover, a lot of times you're already nauseous. The chances are you're going to bring that stuff right back out. That's a reason why you should get the Bytox patch.

3. Formula 51

The third reason is because when you're swallowing pills or liquids, 90 percent of the product will usually be excreted. With the Bytox patch being applied to your skin, it works by having the vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for normal brain function placed into your blood stream. This is through the skin. The patch comes in a little packet and you take the patch itself, which is nearly transparent, and I recommend sticking it on your forearm. You want to do this about 45 minutes prior to drinking. Once you've done that, go ahead and fix your alcohol. Of course you want to be safe and not drink all of the alcohol from a liquor store. So be resonable. I would suggest not trying to test the Bytox patch and seeing how far you could go. Drink what's resonable or a little bit more than what's resonable. Give it a chance and I think most, if not all, consumers will be happy with its effect.

4. Puttin' In Work

Much like the third reason, another one is because it continues to deliver the vitamins and nutrients through your body throughout the period that you are consuming alcohol. It also continues to deliver nutrients and vitamins while you're sleeping. So it actually helps your brain kind of rebuild itself to bring it back to being its normal, functional self rather than something that's imbalanced. After a long night of eating and drinking, you should feel great.

5. Respect The Conglomerate

The price of on the single patch is $2.99 and you can also buy the packs online at Bytox.com. You can find this at the bodega, at a nightclub, restaurant or hotel room. It's $2.99 per patch but if on the other hand, if you're ordering them online, you can buy them in 5-patch packs, 10-patch packs and even 50-patch packs.

You Decide. Will you purchase Bytox?

To buy Bytox visit www.bytox.com and/or just click here.

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