Pulse Report: 50 Cent & Birdman Prep Super Clash, Drake Drops A Body For Common, Chelsea Handler, Pastor Troy & More Get Televised

Friday, Jan 27, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we analzye 50 Cent and Birdman's Super Bowl bets, peep Drake ditch one beef to focus on another, get our eyes glazed over by television and oh SOHH much more!

1. Giants Play In N.Y.

LOL. Remember that line, doggies? "The Giants play in New York. Forbes, 1-2-3." LOL. Those were the days. Fast forward from 2007-2008 to 2012 and here we are once again, the New York Giants versus those Boston doggies, the New England Patriots. It's almost exactly the same scenario. New England is the favorited, substitute Randy Moss with Ochocinco and it's more than just deja vu. LOL. But rather than enjoy the fact that we're getting a re-match that'll make every Jets fans like myself sick to their stomachs, we have RAPPERS taking the shine with some outrageous bets. The funny thing is it's 5-0 Cent and Birdman. Go figure, right? I mean, you have 5-0 who just happened to "win" a grip of paper after the Giants WON last weekend and then you have Birdman who has won-lost-won with his last three bets (Packers, Heat, Mayweather). Well, in all fairness, Birdman really set the tone by not just betting a few thousand, but by putting up $5,000,000! LOL. WTF!?

"I like New ENGLaNd.my nephew play RB# 42.I'm Bet 5million 2 any n*ggaaa.like tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit.," he tweeted January 23rd. (Birdman's Twitter)

That's the thing that ticks me off, doggies. It's one thing to have paper and flaunt it but to completely make sports bets a joke? Huh? Where they do that at? Sure, the average Joe will make some ridiculous bet like having to shave their head, put on a dress at work or something else, but betting $5 million? Really, doggy? That's just too much. It didn't take long before 5-0 got involved in the hype and even had the audacity to CHALLENGE Birdie. Not sure about y'all, but $1 million doesn't quite total $5 million.

"I'm up 500,000 off the last one. f*ck it ill bet it back Ill put a 1,000,000 on my G MEN. STUNNER you got the # hit me if you want it.," he tweeted referring to Birdman.
"I know what he said fool RT @AbuArije: @BIRDMAN5STAR said 5 @50cent not 1 million"
"I just check the spread Hold up the M casino in vegas said patriots-3 I'm have to bet over there unless STUNNTER giving up points. Get at me" (50 Cent's Twitter)

50 Cent Baby

Even though Birdman didn't exactly respond directly to him, he did pop some stuff off following 5-0's tweet.

"New England n*ggaa.#42...5Million is like 5racks New york standup Giants.BabyMoney.YMCMB"

^ To be quite honest, I'm sick by the fact our arch rivals are facing off against one another...AGAIN and every Jets fan has to watch. SMH. But for the real sports heads out there, don't take these bets too seriously especially when you realize what ELSE 5-0 has bet on the Giants winning.

The long and short of it is: If 50's hometown team, The Giants, lose the Super Bowl, the rapper will publish a picture of his penis on the interwebs. This is what happens when the worlds of Twitter, betting and idiocy collide. This beautiful tale all began when one of 5.6 million Twitter followers, @MyBesetAssets, tweeted at the Candy Shop singer the racy proposition. "Lets bet. If the Giants lose the Superbowl, u must post ur d*ck on the twitter. If they win, I'll post my boobs & face on here. Bet?" To which 50 replied, "Ok." Ooh so ... seductive. Wait, really? Is 50 really going to go through with any of this? Given his wild track record it almost seems a sure bet if the Giants win - we will all be blessed with pics of packaged delight. But, I guess we will all just have to wait with bated breath until February 5." (The Insider)

^ SMH............ NO COMMENT doggies. This is just ridiculousness. LOL. For any real sports doggies out there, enjoy these next two weeks of sports. Pro Bowl this Sunday and Super Bowl the following Sunday.

UPDATE: Turns out 5-0 got shook of Tom Brady's greatness and backed up betting a million dollars. As far as him betting his junk though? Ughhhhh. Who knows?

2. Tell Me, What's Really Going On

All jokes aside, doggies, what's going on with Drake? He got mad love from Bulldog seven days ago but now it seems like he's caught up with a split personality. It's one thing to spit a subliminal diss and keep it moving, but to show how undecisive you are via a third party? LOL. I know I'm probably losing a grip of y'all right now so let me break down the science. Turns out Drake wants to get his Rocky on and sock it to Common. Wait, isn't that right, French Montana?

"I think it was over [Serena Williams] or something like that," French said speaking on Drake and Common's feud. "Shout-out to Serena Williams. I'm staying out of that. With them, you've gotta look at it like it's hip-hop, it's competition, it's good for the music. I think Drake wants to fight. Yeah, I think Drake wants to fight. He said he can't wait to run into him. Man, I'm gonna hit him. I'm gonna let him know [we don't want him fighting]. Shout-out to Drake." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

^ OUCH! Those are some tough words if y'all ask me. I mean, "...he said he can't wait to run into him..." Really? Or is this the same kind of "run into him" that Drake pulled by having his security guard go confront that tattoo artist doggy I aired out a few weeks back? LOL. Of course less than a day later Frenchie seemingly got the BBM from Drake and had to correct himself:

french-montana-2011-11-27-300x300.pngCommon & Drake (Concept)

"Shout out to Drake, shout out to Common. It's good for hip hop. You need it sometimes," he said in an interview. "There's nothing wrong with it. I said it I was playing around. But they ran with it like Drake really told me he wanted to fight or something. It was just a joke. I feel like, you know, rap is like a sport and if it wasn't for stuff like that, it would just be boring, you know? Like the best part of a movie is the action part. So that's what it is--we're all in a movie and the best part is....go at it, you know." (Complex)

^ LOL!!!! The only reason I'm going to roll with what French originally said is purely based off the fact Drake has squashed, killed, whatever you want to label it, his issues with the tat doggy. Peep what "allegedly" went down:


If you recall about a month ago, a die hard Drake fan tatted the rapper's name on her forehead. "So he knew it was real." Once Drizzy found out the tattoo was real and words were exchanged between Drake and the tattoo artist Kevin Campbell. But yesterday, Drake stopped by the shop to squash the issue with the tattoo artist. Kevin took to twitter to confirm the beef was squashed. "Drake beef officially squashed...Everybody can now move on. Only positivity from here on out," he tweeted. "@drake Nice talking to you buddy, glad everything's cleared up. It's good that something positive came out of this whole fiasco. Stay up." (Karen Civil)

Win some, lose some, or as Drake would say, "Y.O.L.O." LOL. I told y'all a couple weeks ago that this whole Drake/Common thing was fizzling out like bad soda pop past midnight. We all know that if Drake/Common ever met face-to-face, no doggy would be swinging simply because they have too much to risk getting caught up in some negative light. TMZ would have a field day. Drake thought having some big booty girls in his "Best I Ever Had" music video was bad, imagine the bad press he'd get for snuffing Mr. Vegan Common. SMH. Y'all use your judgement for this. Dropping one beef to focus on another? LOL. Maybe "I'M" imagining things, huh? LOL.

3. Doggy of the Week: Television

LOL. Yup, I know this is completely left field doggies but I gotta keep it one hundred percent gully. There wasn't one single doggy that had more of an impact over the past seven days than the idiot box a.k.a. TELEVISION. Since last week, we've seen Chelsea Handler completely destroy 5-0 Cent's image, watched Pastor Troy front over a few thousand dollars on none other than "Judge Alex", got to see Olivia and Funkaster Flex go at it on "Love & Hip Hop," and while not seen on television, found out Diddy is taking over TV and learned Tracy Morgan is still having medical complications. Hope your brains aren't as fried as mine is doggies. Give it up to the television sets across the world!

1. I Told You Doggy Wasn't Built For This

"[I asked him] 'You're telling me this girl wants to get back together with you but she's upset that you're dating me, is that what you're saying,'" Handler told radio host Howard Stern recalling her questioning 50 about Ciara appearing on her talk show. "And he's like, 'Yeah, yeah. When she comes, just know that's what she's after.' Whatever I called him was probably the worst thing you could say to a black person, short of calling him the N-word. Not a black person, any person. I said you're like a street person, basically, something along the lines of being a gangster. It was really, really offensive and I hung up and I've never spoken to him again." ("The Howard Stern Show")

^ LOL!!!!!!! Doggies, that's beyond sad. I mean, we all know that Chelsea Handler may be the most sarcastic person that's ever graced a television screen but making herself to sound like Jackie Christie to Doug Christie right there? LOL. I can't even find the words to describe how bad that makes a doggy like 5-0 look. And between y'all and me, Ciara hasn't really looked good since she split with Lil' Bow Wow. Am I right?

2. And The Survey Says...What DOGGY!?!?!

Roderick says he hired his former best friend Pastor to perform a music concert at an event he was promoting. He says the concert was canceled because Pastor was arrested. Roderick says he rescheduled the concert only to have Pastor bail on him again! Pastor says he was receiving death threats and for his safety and for the audience safety he thought it was best not to show up. (Broken Cool)

SMH. I never took the time to really invest a lot of effort into hearing what Pastor Troy says on the microphone but having seen his Wikipedia page and what other doggies have said about him, this is a bad look. The only thing that could have made it at least respectable is if it was over $50,000 or even $20,000 but some $5,000 court case? Come on Pastor. Once you've reached the level of fame you have, there's just some things you don't get caught up in. Imagine Jay-Z eating at an Applebee's in Brooklyn. Nah, that's not happening. LOL.

3. Did I Ever Say Sorry, Doggy?

^ SMH. There's a fuller version of this floating online but really, doggy? LOL! I can't lie, Funkmaster Flex airs Olivia out with justifiable facts and excellent points but the fact they both even took it to the public like this is corrrrrrrrrny.

4. I Don't Just Make Movies, Doggy, I Make Networks

Sources with knowledge of the Revolt playbook describe it as a music and music news channel with an urban skew. One described it as the old days of MTV, but for more of the African American audience. The venture is well funded, say the sources. Former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon is involved with Revolt, according to sources. In 2006, Schuon headed up a music channel called International Music Feed (IMF), which was acquired by Ovation TV before being discontinued. (Broadcasting & Cable)

I quit. LOL. Just when we thought Master P was going to launch his own network, Diddy actually has a full business plan, targeted cable providers and other vital matters in tact. That's business, doggies. Does Puffy ever stop?

5. Doggies, Please Call 9-1-1

Tracy Morgan was rushed to the hospital after he fell unconscious at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, sources confirm to THR. The 30 Rock actor was attending the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards where he was being honored with the Spotlight Initiative Award on Sunday. After his speech, he was escorted out of the building, where he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Morgan was take to Park City Medical Center and his current condition in unknown. A spokeswoman for the hospital stated that no drugs or alcohol were found in Tracy's system upon medical evaluation. Sources tell THR that during the dinner Morgan seemed out of control, yelling and falling onto the ground. Morgan briefly walked the red carpet before the event, but gave no interviews. (The Hollywood Reporter)

On some realness. get better Tracy Morgan. 2011 had way too many doggies losing their lives to such small factors like Heavy D and Amy Winehouse. I don't get down with "30 Rock" but Tracy Morgan is a staple to comedy in general. Send your best wishes to this doggy!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Jhonni Blaze

Y'all can definitely blame this week's Mrs. Butterworth pick on Nicholas Cage. LOL. I've seen so many Ghostrider sequel previews this week mixed with seeing Method Man's cameo off Red Tails that I had no choice but to show Johnny Blaze love with Jhonni Blaze. And by the looks of what Jhonni has to tease us with, I don't think many of y'all will be complaining much. I also gotta apologize to y'all doggies for only having four photos show up last week. The powers that be over at SOHH felt two of the shots were a little too steamy for the site. So no glitches or technical problems, doggies. LOL. Enjoy!

Jhonni BlazeJhonni Blaze

Jhonni BlazeJhonni Blaze

Jhonni BlazeJhonni Blaze

Big props to the doggies over at Hustle Bunny for always keeping fresh dimes ready for induction into Mrs. Butterworth Hall of Fame! LOL. And as I always tend to do around this time, here are some moving visuals to get y'all moving up and down out of your public library chairs. LOL.

^ Now come on doggies, if that's not a woman you could take home to your parents, out to a ball game, the club and then back home to crash with Netflix streaming, then I don't know what's wrong with y'all. LOL.

5. "STFU" Honors

It's that time doggies. Runners, take your marks! LOL. Doggies had me rubbing my tummy with laughter this past seven days. I mean, REALLY, doggies? First let's start off with Drake who is fortunate doggies even want him to star in a movie but saying he's too big for the role of a basketball player or rapper? Hmmmmm. Any doggies remember Finding Forrestor or 8 Mile? EXACTLY. Then you've got Maino getting all tell-all 'ish on Lil Kim? He would have been better off doing a guest feature on Nicki Minaj's old stuff. I mean, come on, Maino. No doggies are even thinking about your issues/non-issues with Kim. You should have kept that in your iPod. And Lil B saying hip-hop's a joke is simply.....A JOKE! LOL. This is a doggy that made a name for himself rapping, "I'm getting money, I'm f*cking b*tches." HUH? WHAT? LOL. And then the last two doggies are in a class of their own. Kid Cudi thinking he can pull a Kanye West? Irv Gotti acting like he's President Obama? LOL!!!! In case y'all goofy doggies didn't realize it yet, y'all are officially in "SHUT THE F*CK UP" HONORS!

1. Drake

"I've been reading scripts for a while," Drake said in an interview. "I want to do something great. I really want to do something a movie specifically for my culture, the younger people that are still in tune with everything going on. I'm actually writing with my friends right now -- they have a production company called By Any Means Necessary, so we're writing together trying to figure out the right movie. [Ideal role?] Something that's not a rapper or a basketball player, which is all the scripts that I get. [laughs]"

2. Maino

"Everybody knew I took n*ggas to war for you/All the times you said the industry fake don't let it fool me/The jewels that you dropped on the game you used to school me/No plea, took it to trial and then you blew/I rolled with you straight to the jail that's how I do/Kites to the joint expressing how much I love you/Still a Queen even in greens -- Things change then you came home and we moving different/Emotions now getting involved/We in our feelings/Fighting and we arguing sh*t we never used to do/We don't even speak no more/You was claiming that I was using you/I still love you though."

3. Lil B

"I've [taken] rap one hundred percent seriously for so long, that I see it now, it's a joke to me now because with a lot of the rap artists that are in it, they're not truly authentic," Lil B reasoned in an interview. "How I feel about authentic is that my whole past is there. Anything that I talk about, you can just check up -- Do I think rap's a joke and I'm having fun? I'm not going to lie. Right now, it is a joke because my life has been so real. Life is so real, bro. I almost lost my life numerous times, like in the streets and everything."

4. Kid Cudi

"If my set is EVER cut short at any show, im trashing the stage. Not out of anger, it takes a lot to get me furious nowadays, but out of principle. The fans always deserve a full set at all shows, especially when they spend their hard earned money on expensive tickets. A lot of artist wouldnt do what I did in Australia, but I will. Spread the word. No matter the circumstance, cut my set short, im breaking shit. And next time im startin a riot. Me and my fans. Cause promoters will sometime take advantage of the artists, and u gotta let em know what time it is. Cutting nobody any slack."

5. Irv Gotti

irv-gotti-2012-01-23-300x300.jpgBarack Obama

"It caused a buzz, and I want people to know I didn't start the whole 'Irv Gotti for president' thing; the people did," the former Def Jam A&R told MTV News as he walked the red carpet at the reopening of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Manhattan last week. "It was a crazy thing, and it was all good." It doesn't seem like Def Jam brass will put Irv in the big chair, but Gotti is appreciative of the support he has gotten from the hip-hop community. "Everybody was riding. It was a lot of love," he said last week. "Everybody felt what I was saying and was riding."

***What happened to the month of January, doggies? LOL. Seems just like yesterday when me and my doggies were getting together to watch the ball drop over some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gaming. LOL. Aight, I'm calling it, AFC is taking the game on Sunday. Nah, who am I kidding. NFC is going to crush the AFC in the Pro Bowl. SMH. FYI: I would take Peyton Manning on the Jets in NO TIME! Sorry Sanchez, but to get Peyton wearing that green would, kinda, be like.....Favre, actually. LOL. Never mind. Enjoy the weekend doggies and I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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